Criticism | Bela Vengeance – Woman takes revenge on rapists in Oscar-nominated great thriller

Watched movie during the 2020 Sundance Film Festival

Rape culture has tried to define the lives of so many women around the world. Surrounded by a social context rooted in often oppressive macho behaviors, they become the center of an unhealthy and perverse attraction that tries to steal your time, your dignity, your beauty and your vigor. And by leaps and bounds, our society is astounding as it seeks to grow from the demystification of the treatment given to women. But in a world that is taught and accustomed to seeing women through an aura of sheer submission and weakness, far more than trying to change concepts, it is essential that old harmful habits are exposed in a torn way, to the point of return apathy to suffering in repudiation for any type of abuse. And that’s how Bela Vengança (a promising young lady) squeezes our guts, providing a cinematic experience to envelop the stomach.

Prestigious, the film received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, Best Director for Emerald Fennell, Best Actress for The Incredible Carey Mulligan and Best Original Screenplay.

It is nothing new that North American universities are known to be the “hunting ground” for unconscious and harmless young women. Here, between parties with lots of alcohol, drugs and little judgment, many of them are abused in the worst possible way: by men who are almost always white and upper class. And just as Oscar-nominated documentary The Hunting Ground categorized most of these rapes, their consequences, and the apathy and lack of responsibility of college students, Bela Vengança brings a sort of after-effect, showing the innermost reflexes. who abuse it. promote in the life of a victim and that of those who suffer by his side. And here, the feature film directed by Emerald Fennell, who previously worked on the series The Crown, explores the evils, shards and fragments of this evil still so latent in global society.

And here Carey Mulligan lives in a young former medical student who, after the suicide of her best friend – due to the almost unbearable weight the rape brought her – is ready to prove by A + B just how great the opportunity made. thief. Hitting a spot in a popular bar watered by young people, she dresses in the most seductive way possible, pretends to be drunk like an exceptional actress and analyzes what kind of treatment a “good and kind man” who finds her. will give it to her, when she realizes that she is almost oblivious to being so numb. And this is where some of the main compulsive behaviors are unmasked and confronted, such as the idea that the woman has “asked” to be abused, putting herself at risk from a few more sips of alcohol. And as someone who comes out of the victim position, the actress lures her prey for an upside down hunt, which aims to find potential abusers and make them see their worst side, the one they swear don’t. does not exist – mainly because they are white, well educated and middle / upper class.

Bela Vengeance follows this journey in a quirky and salivating way. Striking audiences with each new scene, the thriller is stunning and masterful in its essence as it explores such a delicate and painful theme using sour humor. Here, the scenario of Emerald shines before our eyes for its didactic dynamism. As a vengeance class and this punishment can not only be used by the upper class, the production offers a tightly knitted storyline from start to finish, stitched with precision and that not only keeps the audience glued to its plot, but also it challenges their understanding, confronting those concepts that are kept inside and often go unspoken due to social conventions. Bringing in a visceral Carey Mulligan, the feature film produced by Margot Robbie is an authentic rarity for tackling the theme of rape without chopping up words, softening the scenes and without making a mea culpa. Genuinely seeking to expose the harsh truth surrounding sexual abuse, the film naturally and lightly serves its purpose, bringing in a series of adjacent performances that help thicken the broth and heighten the voracity of the plot.

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With an invigorating climax that honors rape survivors, the dark comedy thriller is a kinesthetic and uncomfortable cinematic experience from start to finish. Bringing in a few light, brief breaths, which serve as small gaps of calm that precede the narrative spur that will come soon, Bela Vingança brings a delightful touch to the sight, categorically represents all survivors of abuse, and ends like an opera that hits its mark. supreme peak in the last moments. Honorable, educational and engaging, the production is an exquisite gem that strictly follows the main characteristics of a Sundance Film Festival classic and immortalizes itself as that essential film for a time when there is no longer room for objectification. feminine.

The film opens in Brazil in 2021.

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