Criticism | Billie Eilish takes on her engaging black pop with acid “So I am”

Billie Eilish had huge success with the release of her debut studio album, “ When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Winning multiple awards – including Grammy Album of the Year Figure. However, his career seems to have cooled with loose singles and a theme song for the ‘007’ franchise (which by far doesn’t come close to its best productions) – at least so far. It’s clear that the singer and songwriter was greeted with the “my future” animation, but we still missed her immediate poignant character, worthy of builds like “villain” and “all good girls go to hell.”

Fortunately, Billie has announced that she will be releasing a new single, possibly an appetizer for her next album – and it took shape today (12) under the title “Therefore I Am”. Accompanied by a homemade music video directed by the artist herself, the track was once again overseen by the skillful hands of Finneas O’Connell and served as a continuation of the song that put him on top of the world – a brushed black pop with hip-hop forays that place it in the center of an empty mall entering kiosks and stores to steal goodies.

If Eilish taught us anything when she appeared in the bizarre and evocative “villain” video, it’s that nothing she does can be premeditated – either for better or for worse. The Dogma-95 aesthetic that takes up the short film only serves as an imperative support for an immersive and narcotic sound architecture that uses powerful synthesizers masked by intentional drowning and a few flirtations with PC music that take up the creative advances of the early years. 2010. The progression, as familiar as it is with its previously mentioned unpublished compilation, is practical and follows a convinced pattern, sufficiently solid in a critical trajectory that speaks of the exacerbated egolatry of a distraught speaker.

The predominance of impeccable design comes as a final card, as an ultimatum that moves us with nostalgia. Opening the new decade through a devilishly acidic Cartesian analysis of the conflict between what is real and what is not, the pre-choirs merge with applauding fluidity and, despite certain obstacles they stumble into, employ techniques robotization and self-calibration that transform the artist’s surrender into a superhuman statement.

With the exception of a few unnecessary rehearsals and a very short bridge that could have been better worked out, “Therefore I Am” is the Billie Eilish comeback that we needed – and that only she could deliver.

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