Criticism | Britney Spears Makes Powerful Music Debut With Legendary Album ‘… Baby One More Time’

Britney Spears is one of the most famous names in the history of entertainment and, even today, continues to influence countless contemporary artists – like the legendary Lady Gaga, who once cited her as her main inspiration. . And, on the eve of his 40th birthday and the importance he represents on the phonographic scene, we decided to deepen his discography, starting with the iconic and revolutionary ‘… Baby One More Time’.

Released in 1999, the album met with mixed reviews at the time, but it didn’t take long for experts to revisit the exuberance and originality of vibrant tracks and place it at a deserved level and include the recognition he has always deserved. After all, Spears’ debut rekindled the spirits of teenage pop and established her as the queen of teenage music, through simple yet memorable lyrics and an engaging production that would only be immediately recognized by the first touches. . Speaking to Billboard as early as 1998, months before the production’s official debut, Spears revealed that it took him a while to find a hit that screamed his aesthetic – and that was soon after meeting the famous producer Max Martin who, years later, would work. alongside Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

In fact, it was here that Martin became a household name, lending his skills to the self-titled track from the album – one of the performer’s signature songs. “… Baby One More Time” became the first single from the album and the first song of Spears’ career, soon falling in the likes of the public and experts (which is why it was included in the list of the best Rolling Stone’s all-time songs in 2021). The flawless production is a perfect blend of dance-pop, dancehall and a deep-pop “what” that features a young Britney grappling with fervent love. “My loneliness is killing me” is one of many lines that have been immortalized in mainstream culture, opening up a chilling and urgent chorus.

The track is the basis of all of the following inflections, including the alluring rendition of “(You Drive Me) Crazy” (both versions): bubblegum pop solidified newcomer Spears as one of the icons of music. late 1990s and the teenage queen of Gen Z, bringing soft-rock references and turning, once again, into a romantic tale of ambivalent inductions that captivates us from the first touches to the end. Moving forward we have the fun and underrated ‘Soda Pop’, which combines it with Mikey Bassie’s voice in a dancehall with all the ingredients needed to reach as yet unexplored (but ultimately been left out); the singer’s versatility gains an interesting chapter with the cover of “The Beat Goes On”, a classic by the duo Sonny & Cher which receives a bossa nova and trip-hop outfit; well, there is even an appreciable homage to Natalie Imbruglia with the great “I Will Be There”, a pop-rock which uses and abuses its baby voice and a regular progression.

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We’re not just dealing with the explosiveness of the dancefloor icons on the album, but with long-awaited ballads in which Spears struggles with a sincere voice and a personality that goes beyond what the media painted him. . “Born to Make You Happy,” betting more chips on matters of the heart, features a protagonist who has made mistakes in the past and is ready to give it another chance; alongside “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart”, whose feat is essentially limited to the unforgettable chorus, and the impeccable innocence of “Sometimes”, there is a clear appreciation of Britney for showing herself the most subtle possible without disappearing into an effervescent panorama – and is reaping the rewards of its spirit to this day.

The artist knows very well how to play with nostalgia without falling into mimetic exaggeration and taking care to place his unique and refreshing identity at a crucial moment in the creative scene. In contrast to the ballads mentioned in the paragraph above, we find the ode to disco music of “Deep In My Heart”, the evocative messages of “Thinkin ‘About You” and the momentary regression of “I’ll Never Stop Loving You ”. Despite the repeating theme, which is not far from the obvious of relationships (disappointments, dreams and true love), the result far exceeds our expectations and reiterates why this album is so important and remarkable – and what better way to finish it. you with the 80s electro-dance of “Autumn Goodbye”?

22 years ago Britney Spears began her reign as a princess of pop with one of the greatest debuts of all time, perhaps to the same extent as her predecessors Michael Jackson and Madonna. From “… Baby One More Time” Britney would become known around the world, breaking sales records, earning late accolades and winning everyone who gave her heartwarming and uplifting songs a chance.

Rating per track:

1.… Baby one more time – 5/5
2. (You drive me crazy) – 4/5
3. Sometimes – 4.5 / 5
4. Soda Pop (feat. Mikey Bassie) – 4/5
5. Born to make you happy – 4.5 / 5
6. From the bottom of my broken heart – 3/5
7. I’ll be there – 5/5
8. I will always love you (with Don Philip) – 4/5
9. Deep in my heart – 5/5
10. I think of you – 4/5
11. Email my heart – 3.5 / 5
12. The rhythm continues – 4/5
13. I will never stop loving you – 3.5 / 5
14. Goodbye autumn – 5/5

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