Criticism | Clifford, the giant red dog – Live action from famous cartoon is CUTE for the little ones

Most children dream of having a pet. At the end of the year, Santa Claus receives countless letters asking him for a puppy or a kitten. Children’s passion for animals prompts writers and artists to constantly create new adventures involving pussies and children, so that through art they can live those dreams which in real life often cannot. not be realized. That must have been more or less how the story of “Clifford the Giant Red Dog” was conceived by Norman Bridwell in the middle of the last century. And now, almost a century after the author’s birth, the first live version of the red doguinho is arriving in Brazilian cinemas.

Emily (Darby Camp) is a young girl excluded from school because she is the only one attending an elite institution for the wealthy. When her mother (Sienna Guillory) has to travel for her job, the young woman is taken in by her irresponsible uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall). During a walk in the park, Emily and Casey end up entering an animal fair, however, the animals are not ordinary animals, but special creatures, looking for adoption in special homes. This is how Emily meets the puppy Clifford, a red-haired puppy who, after being separated from his family, feels lost and excluded. Although Casey does not allow the girl to keep the pet, Clifford finds a way to fit into his backpack, and thus begins a great friendship between the two … so great that it will no longer fit into their. apartment !

Inspired by the successful book franchise that later became an animated film – which aired here in Brazil on the Discovery Kids channel – the feature film “Clifford, o Gigante Cão Vermelho” tells the beginning of this story of friendship, seeking precisely to create a new audience in the universe of the red dog, while seeking to save the emotional memory of those who grew up reading and watching the adventures of the dog. Thus, the script of Jay Scherick, David Ronn and Blaise Hemingway ends up trying to appeal to two different age groups (besides the parents of the children), and, therefore, generates competition for itself. While we have scenes that appeal to a very small audience (fart, pee, and filthy slobber scenes), we also have a substantive argument that works with the theme that “different is not the enemy, you must not be intimidated and they must learn to defend themselves, etc. ”- themes which are part of the world of slightly older children.

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Walt Becker’s directing delivers exactly what one would expect from this innocent and whimsical story, bringing in a touch of Christmas-inspired magic that makes the film a season-ending spectacle. The dog’s special effects are well done, in the style of the new “The Lion King,” although obviously virtual, despite the fact that the film focuses much more on the humans in the film than the dog. To the sound of BTS, ‘Clifford the Red Dog Giant’ should appeal to the little ones, and will likely make kids want to adopt a pet after the movie session. Get ready, moms and dads!

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