Criticism | Dangerous play – Liam Hemsworth is hunted down live in action flick that pushes the bar

When an action film chooses a face known in this genre as its protagonist, it is because it wants to appeal to its target audience, who recognize themselves in the films on which this actor works. But when it comes to Liam Hemsworth, the intention is to try and appeal to both male and female audiences, since the actor, in addition to being good looking, works with films such as’ The Last Song ‘and’ Independence Day ‘. This is how we got to the movie ‘Dangerous Game’, a new production that just premiered on Amazon Prime, compiled into a feature film format although it was originally produced for a serial format.

Dodge (Liam Hemsworth) is a guy who in the past was a college athlete, a 400m runner. Today it is a married man, with a pregnant woman, completely in debt, and an office building in his name whose construction has been under embargo and investor money has been lost. Feeling low and suffering from severe migraines, Dodge is seen in the hospital and discovers he has a malignant brain tumor, which means he has a few weeks left to live. Desperate, he turns to a company that promises insurance to people without health insurance, but when he does, he learns from Miles (Christopher Waltz) that the proposition is, in fact, to run for 24 hours on the streets. of Detroit. by being chased by five people who want to kill him; every hour he survives he earns $ 50,000, and the value is doubled every hour, so if he survives the full chase he will have $ 24 million in his account.

‘Jogo Perigoso’ is one of those productions that doesn’t care too much about making sense, but rather about eliciting the appropriate sensation – which in this case is the adrenaline of the chase – in the viewer. Granted, it was originally shot to be a series, however, the ultimate oversight and responsibility rests with the director, Phil Abraham. So if there was a reckless stitching with logic and a suspension of the viewer’s disbelief, then Phil Abraham is responsible.

The script tells us that the white protagonist who lives in a brand new house starts the story in debt, however, we don’t know how he generates that debt and how important it is. Somewhere along the line it’s even possible to figure out that the problem was with the building that Dodge owns, but… did the work go wrong? Was he betrayed by his partner? he tried to sell the office and failed? It is not known, however, the film asks us to have compassion for this protagonist without knowing why he is in this situation. This choice encourages us not to create a link with the main character.

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The action scenes are well thought out and well produced, with lots of extras and the like, but, again, the script spoils the key moments, constantly pushing the boundaries to free the protagonist in various situations where he is cornered by them. hunters. Once, twice, go, but it’s always too much. Not to mention the performance of Liam Hemsworth, who, too bad, can’t pretend to cry even when his character finds out he has terminal cancer. He just looks good running on stage anyway.

“Dangerous Game” is a problematic production as it was a series and reached Amazon Prime subscribers as a movie. However, the hunting atmosphere is engaging and we continue to watch like someone watching a friend play video games, not knowing much about the story, but following the action. And there’s still a sequel there …

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