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Watched movie during Sundance Film Festival 2021

Fatherhood in middle age presents itself differently in the life of Matt (Ed Helms), an app developer who, after unsuccessful attempts to find the right woman, decides to fulfill his dream of becoming a father independently – with using a belly rental. This is the moment we are introduced to Anna (Patti Harrison), a 26 year old girl who decides to buy the idea of ​​making some extra money, without measuring the consequences of what this trip can become. . Together Together arrives here as an unusual production. As a sort of non-romantic comedy, the film overturns some standards and presents audiences with a cinematic experience that – ultimately – proves audiences are truly going to fall in love with this story.

Director and screenwriter Nikole Beckwith presents an inverted narrative to audiences with her latest drama. Used to always seeing the classic single mom combo, the film changes its gender approach, showing us how the dream of fatherhood works in a man who already has everything except what he always wanted. Watering his protagonist with a touching sensitivity, the filmmaker also overturns the very stereotype of star Ed Helms. Usually this goofy nerd, with little social skills and no way of convincing people, he here turns into an unexpected crush – for a good geek.

With captivating charisma and a cheesy, goofy manner that conquers us with every mistake or questionable decision, Matt is here – by standards already experienced by Helms – the opposite of his. Inevitably funny, he’s an uncomfortable guy with a passionate heart and stars in an impressively sweet and sometimes sour mood with Harrison, a trans actress who brings to life a skeptical character who is gradually falling into the public eye – though her. start on the scene is trickier, leaving us wary.

But the point is, Together Together is a delicious surprise. In a heartwarming atmosphere, the production explores a platonic love between two characters who meet at social extremes. While one has an exceedingly stable life, the other lives in the midst of their constant, fuzzy, always delaying abandonment of a solid future. This unexpected combination deceives us again, leading us to believe that we are perhaps faced with the most unusual and passionate love story ever shown on screen. However, dramatic comedy turns out to be much more than that, showing us a type of love that is rarely seen presented well on screen: the purest friendship born under the most controversial circumstances.

Engaging, fun and light, the drama is a deeply needed breath in times so painful and difficult. With Ed Helms shining in every scene alongside Harrison, the film passes before our eyes in the blink of an eye and manages to drag us to its end, in anticipation of much more than was presented to us. With peculiar characteristics that initially seem to never work on screen, Together Together is unlikely from start to finish and makes its strangeness, its golden letter, an authentic and enjoyable story, one that make even the most resistant of hearts sigh. .

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