Criticism | Explosive Legacy – Liam Neeson is an ‘honest thief’ in action without gas

Thief who steals Thief …

Transformed into an action hero at almost 60 years old, Irishman Liam Neeson, nominated for an Oscar for Schindler’s List (1993), constantly explores this new facet discovered – and interspersed with more serious and dramatic projects, see recent Nosso Amor (2019) and Made in Italy (2020). Here, however, we fall into the first element mentioned. And we must add, one of the least inspired.

The star saw his popularity drop after controversial statements in an interview interpreted as racist, and perhaps that is why he agreed to return to action movies, even though he claimed that Vengeance in Cold Blood (2019) – one of the best of his collection in the genre – this would be his last of its kind. Neeson already has two more armed for 2021: The Marksman, where he plays a ranch, and The Ice Road, where an ice rescuer lives.

You’ve probably seen this story and, depending on your film level, in better productions. In the movie, Neeson plays an accomplished bank robber – the guy who is unarmed and barely finds a living soul in his robberies. The media even offered him a nickname “love” in his exploits. But then the guy meets a beautiful woman, the role of Kate Walsh (veteran TV actress, famous for shows like Grey’s Anatomy and its derivative Private Practice), and decides to give up the life of crimes.

So far so good, and the story is pretty cute. The plot is complicated when, when they decide to hand over the money he stole during his erratic trip (around US $ 9 million), two police officers assigned to the case look at the jackpot and decide to take the money. Along the way, they end up killing a superior and, of course, incriminating the outlaw protagonist. The corrupt are played by Jai Courteney, from the upcoming The Suicide Squad, and Anthony Ramos, from the upcoming In a Neighborhood in New York.

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So the epic of the “ good thief ” (who only wanted to surrender to the police) begins to erase his name from more serious crimes that he did not commit, as he is hunted down (and also hunted down). ) by dirty officers, with the right to beat, gunshots, injuries, car chases, explosions, deaths, collisions and whatever we get used to in these star vehicles. The film’s biggest mystery, however, is finding out why “Honest Thief,” the original title of the feature film (literally “Honest Thief”) became Explosive Legacy in Brazil. I think it’s more striking for fans of the actor in our country, although it doesn’t make much sense for the script.

It’s hard to separate the feeling of Super Cine that the movie brings – and low exposure, let’s say. The air of the “video launch” is served by an uninspired scenario, in which we know, after the first round, which paths the film will follow in each scene. And we can even presume each solution until the result quite easily, leaving very little news for the viewer to taste. Of course, if you don’t mind, it won’t be a problem.

The best films of Liam Neeson in the genre are those directed by the Spanish Jaume Collet-Serra, which besides the action, also deliver a high level of suspense, always owners of inventive plots and new perspectives for this type of production. . Here we have in the script and the direction a team without much competence, and therefore the generic result. In the text, Steve Allrich is from B productions, it’s his biggest work to date. And at the helm, Mark Williams ventures on his second feature film role, he is actually best known as a producer (of The Accountant and the Ozark series).

Although they do not compromise the result 100% – Legado Explosivo is by no means a bad or incompetent film, only extremely formulated (which for many is already a sign of lack of quality) – the filmmakers are not. able to deliver only beans with rice, and without much seasoning, because the typical national dish can be a very appetizing meal. Legado Explosivo’s biggest achievement has been making good use of the pandemic, when no one is going to the movies, and managing to stay at the top of the box office for two consecutive weeks as the most-viewed movie in the States. -United in mid-October. It remains to be seen whether the feat will be repeated here.

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