Criticism | Flora and Ulysses – Superhero Squirrel Hints at Marvel in New Disney + Movie

Since Disney bought Marvel, Star Wars, and FOX, fans of the Mickey Mouse Company have been looking more closely at the references and possible joins of these franchises in the new films and series launched. Over time we will gain more and more original Disney + movies shot with the aim of going on the streaming platform – like the start this weekend of the live-action ‘Flora e Ulysses’, a cute movie. filled with references to the world of heroes.

Flora (Matilda Lawler) is a ten year old girl whose parents have separated. His mother, Phyllis (Alyson Hannigan) is a novelist with a creative block, and his father, George (Ben Evan Ainsworth), wrote comics, but after leaving home he started working as a stockist at a stationery store. . One day, Flora tries to help a neighbor whose uncontrolled vacuum cleaner has left the lawn, and in this adventure, a poor squirrel ends up being sucked into the device. The girl saves the animal, and since then realizes that he has acquired special powers. In an attempt to convince the world that Squirrel Odysseus (John Kassir) is a superhero, she will have to deal with her mother’s unwillingness to allow a home pet and a tireless control officer. animal (Dani Pudi), who wants to capture the cat and take her to the laboratory.

Inspired by Kate DiCamillo’s book of the same name, the original Disney + movie is family-friendly, movie-like popcorn to watch after lunch with everyone together on the couch. Aimed at the crowd in their 10s, this is a cool and colorful adventure, with fun jokes and clever photos. Compared to recent live-action adaptations of Disney animal films, this “Flora and Ulysses” shot is the most successful shot: this little squirrel is a perfect cutie; its movements are fluid, the texture of the hair is believable and the animal, even if it does not speak, is extremely expressive.

The main obstacle of functionality is the construction of the story which, trying to expand too much, does not go into anything. If, for example, the film only focused on the clash in an attempt to save the police squirrel, that would be a good adventure. Giving so much context to the parents’ relationship not only does not develop them well, but also builds a mother unfairly ignored by her daughter, who somehow despises the books and the mother’s profession, while still being in the process. same measure. idolizes the characters created by his father and his comic book world. It’s quite problematic, if at the start of the film the father leaves the house and we don’t know the reason.

“Flora e Ulysses” is a cute and enjoyable film, which can be continued with another core of characters, including. With a charismatic superhero squirrel, who poses and references multiple Marvel films, it’s a story that has a future if it gains a cooler protagonist and more attention from the Portuguese voiceover translation – who was hesitant to to say that Flora referred to herself as “cynical,” when the best translation would be “skeptical.” Since a good portion of the target audience will see the dubbed film, the fact that the protagonist calls himself cynical makes us see her that way – and the viewer will hardly feel empathy for someone cynical. I hope this all improves for a possible continuation.

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