Criticism | Freaky – In the Body of an Assassin is a BIG “terrir” in the style of Death Gives You Congratulations

Blumhouse is launching the “Terrir” “Freaky – In the Body of an Assassin” (Freaky, 2020) in Brazilian theaters on December 10th and we can already tell that we have another hit from Jason Blum’s producer.

Now directed by actors Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton, the film follows the style of ‘Death Makes You Happy’ and combines terror with a hint of comedy in a completely fun way, delivering an interesting hybrid work. The director and screenwriter of the feature film is Christopher Landon – the same as for another successful Blumhouse franchise: “A Death Gives You Congratulations”.

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Landon and co-writer Michael Kennedy brought a slasher mix, like “ Panic ” and “ Friday the 13th ” (including some man-made classics, like a masked serial killer who goes wild in a small town and lots of blood on screen), with funny jokes and a humorous, irreverent tone that reminds us of “Very Crazy Friday” and “Poison Girl”. Overnight, Butcher Blissfield (Vaughn) uses a dagger to kill skinny young student Millie (Newton) and ends up changing bodies with her due to a curse. The plot is simple, but it works very well. The storyline manages to take itself seriously in the right measure, bringing a dramatic load to the protagonist and mixing in some extremely gory scenes and practical jokes.

“Freaky” takes full advantage of Vaughn and Newton’s comedic ability to create priceless scenes as their characters change bodies. And, as much functionality is guaranteed in this mocking part, it is also guaranteed in good sequences of suspense and terror, accompanied by moments of rather disturbing graphic violence.

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In the plot, we see the character of Vaughn in a grand murder at the start of the film, even eliciting the envy of Jason Voorhees and Ghostface. Next, we meet young Millie – a straight girl who is bullied, both by other students and by teachers, and tries to walk through the halls of the school unnoticed. During one night, after a football match, the young woman finds herself alone while waiting for a turn from her mother (Katie Finneran), and she is stabbed by the murderer. When the two bodies exchange, the adventure begins

Now as a butcher Millie has to fit into a whole different and stronger body, she has to convince her friends Josh (Misha Osherovich) and Nyla (Celeste O’Connor) that this menacing tall man is her. The scenes in which this happens are the highlight of the movie: Vaughn has some great bodywork to watch and has a great time playing a 16 year old girl. At the same time, Newton also works very well and completely changes his performance. The actress goes from being a scared, frightened character to a completely overpowered figure who really doesn’t agree to bring shit home.

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Along with the bloody scenes, the film is still working on the change that the supernatural event brought to both characters, primarily Millie. As the young woman leaves with her friends on a trip to try to reverse this body exchange, she has the opportunity to improve the main relationships in her life even if she is in another body, whether in a conversation. with his mother, or even with a college crush – precious scenes filled with pleasure.

Besides being fun and creepy, “Freaky – In the Body of an Assassin” sends a super cool message of maturity and empowerment. Although it has the same format as “Death congratulates you”, “Terrir” is another bet from Blumhouse that hits the mark with a perfect combo!

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