Criticism | Gabriel’s Inferno: Part III – The new movie is HOT, HOT, ON FIRE!

If you’ve made it this far in the “ Gabriel’s Hell ” franchise, you already know that the relationship between Julia (Melanie Zanetti) and Prof. Emerson (Giulio Berruti) is doing very well, thank you. Maaas… something is missing. And this is what we find with happiness “Gabriel’s Inferno: Part III”.

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The hour-and-a-half movie can be split into two parts: the first, where we see Gabriel and Julia spending Thanksgiving with Gabriel’s family and things get a little out of hand because of Julia’s ex Simon (Rhett Wellington), who reappears at the scene to collect a debt from the young student’s past; and the next moment, when the two are back and together, they travel to Italy for… a moment for two.

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The third part of Gabriel’s series is once again written and directed by Tosca Musk, who has outdone herself this time! [Alerta de SPOILER] With a film split only into two arcs and a plot centered almost entirely on the two protagonists, the director focused her efforts on the part that was actually the most anticipated by fans in the story written by Sylvain Reynard: The First Time of the couple. This was the right choice the director could make, after all, the drama with Simon could (and will be) better developed elsewhere in the story in the future, so there was no need to prolong Julia’s pain in this. first arch; with that we have a love scene of almost forty minutes, so well constructed – full of romance, passion, artistry and respect (between the characters, with the bodies of the actors and with the spectators themselves. ) – which involves the viewer in The Romance of Gabriel and Julia. It is, by far, one of the best constructed scenes of seduction and love among contemporary films of the genre. [fim do SPOILER].

Thus, the third part of “Gabriel’s Inferno” comes to end a cycle in the history of the two protagonists: the arc in which the two meet and everything goes well, before the train gets out of hand in the following stages. Once again, Tosca’s kind eye made all the difference in adapting this story: she is, without a doubt, the ideal director to be in charge of a project like this, with so many fans around the world. . Tosca put her heart into this production, and the result is visible to the fans, who weren’t disappointed at any point during this trip.

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Also in this last chapter of the first part, the chemistry between the actors Mélanie Zanetti and Giulio Berruti catches fire, almost palpable on the screen. It’s like they’re holding back on themselves before and wanting to speed up now to get to that big stage between the two of them – and they do it with a lot of skill and dedication.

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“Gabriel’s Inferno: Part III” is literally a movie made from fan to fan. It’s a heart-driven project, reaching the hearts of fans around the world. To meet the expectations and the goal of entertainment, this is so far a zero-defect trilogy for viewers. It’s a movie to watch during the day, because you can’t sleep afterwards…. And stay tuned to the post-credit scene!

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