Criticism | Godzilla Vs Kong – A Wonderful Open Bar For Hitting Monsters

In the midst of so much chaos, death and destruction that we experience during a pandemic, there’s nothing like escaping the real world by paying homage to the chaos, death and destruction in theaters. Or, in this case, streaming. It premiered today in theaters and on HBO Max, in countries where the platform has already arrived, Godzilla Vs Kong, one of the most anticipated films of recent years and which arrives with a mission to elevate the level of Warner’s MonsterVerse.

Spoiler: he can do it!

But before he even starts talking about the film, he’s curious to see how he ended up being driven by the pandemic. With no big movies hitting theaters over the past year, most studios have started to postpone the launch of their biggest productions in hopes the vaccine would arrive and take the coronavirus away from our reality. Unfortunately, vaccination has not yet arrived for everyone and cinemas are still closed in some parts of the world, while some theaters are even open, but are operating at low capacity. In this scenario, audiences were anxious for a blockbuster of those who made us pay dearly for an Imax ticket just to honor it on a colossal screen with sound above it and a pair of goggles that looked more like a diving mask. . So, in the absence of that possibility, the Godzilla Vs Kong streaming launch came as an atomic burst of hope for those who couldn’t stand seeing indie, low-budget, or repeat films on TV. Nothing like! Now, it’s an unprecedented streak of hundreds of millions of dollars in budget arriving right at your doorstep, which is amazing. Along with this, the #TeamGodzilla Vs #TeamKong campaign has shifted Twitter, creating fun debates and memes and raising our expectations to the max.

And the best part of it all is that they are able to deliver a movie to fans exactly the size of the expectation created by this crazy backdrop that we live in today. Yes, Godzilla Vs Kong is pure entertainment juice, a work of art from cinema to beat and an ode to giant monsters on the big screen. The script is as simple as it should be. Kong was being watched over by an organization specializing in Kaijus, when Godzilla, until then hero of humanity, began to carry out attacks across the world in an uncontrolled manner. So when a wealthy businessman convinces a decadent geologist (Alexander Skarsgård) to work for him on a farm that will prove to the world that the Earth is hollow and full of connecting tunnels, the group understands that they need ‘a creature capable of traversing these passages. to follow and cross it together. Who is this creature? Godzilla. How to attract him? Calling him to face a Titan at his height. Who is this Titan? That’s right, King Kong. Porrada comes and goes, the story unfolds at a wonderful pace, full of action and without wasting so much time with the human cast.

And that’s quite an achievement. In both Godzilla films, the times the monsters appeared were fantastic, but they were kind of like a reward for audiences to endure two hours of boring, meaningless human drama. Learning from the mistakes of the past, the film is built entirely around the hateful encounters of the two Titans, who dislike each other, so they don’t mind eventually killing the opponent. With that, the drama ends up being well-balanced, focusing on the relationship between Kong and little girl Jia (Kaylee Hottle), who communicate through sign language. Even without saying a word, the duo conveys emotions in gestures and looks. It is very interesting and does not take a lot of time. Other than that, humans are only there for two things: rationalizing the plot with a little joke or a little threat, and being crushed by the two giants.

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Jia and Kong steal the show in dramatic moments.

It’s really important to point out once again that director Adam Wingard’s decision to place humans as supporting characters was the key to this film’s success. Speaking of the director, he does a very interesting job of approaching Kong as much as a character in layers, not just from the warrior side. The gigantic gorilla ends up functioning as a human connection point in the plot, opposing all of Godzilla’s power and brutality. Its use of cameras is perfect for those who are going to watch the movie hoping to see some old school violence. In other words, the board does not adopt this scheme of several cuts per sequence, nor does it make use of the sequence plan. Each scene lasts long enough that audiences can enjoy each punch, kick, bite, explosion, and ax without being too long or punctured too much. Other than that, the monster clashes are very creative, able to extract the best from everyone.

Another point that deserves praise is the special effects. The technology is so well designed that it will probably make children believe that Godzilla and King Kong really do exist and that the Earth is really hollow. The whole set is very realistic, but without losing its personality, as it happens in The Lion King (2019). The facial expressions of Godzilla, who seems to really enjoy the fight, are wonderful, and Kong’s body expression perfectly conveys the homesickness and frustration of the gorilla. It is a work worthy of applause, especially in the nocturnal clash, which is illuminated by the neon lights of the city, which produces beautiful scenes that will excite many people. And unlike other movies that promise crazy duels between two iconic characters and end without actually delivering a winner, Godzilla Vs Kong ends with a champion. But rest assured, fans of the loser, you will also be happy with the end.

Godzilla Vs Kong is a movie that aims to show the fight between the two most famous monsters in cinema to make the audience enjoy the hits, have fun like never before, go crazy to buy an official T-shirt and argue with their friends over which of the two would win in a possible rematch. And gloriously, that’s exactly what it delivers. Don’t expect to see philosophical discussions or contemplative dialogues about human existence and how we are cancer of the planet. Not! It’s a movie about monsters slapping and destroying everything that appears in front of us. In this proposal, it is a work of art. So, it would be a complete injustice not to give 10 for a feature film that delivers so competently exactly what it promised – with the right to a surprise or two to top it off. However, this great action-fiction popcorn adventure has one flaw: duration. Seriously, after three movies of two or more hours filled with bestial dramatization, MonsterVerse’s best feature comes precisely in under two hours. If they kept that really high level of action and beating, they could make Godzilla Vs Kong bigger than the extended version of The Return of the King which wouldn’t have any issues whatsoever. Because of this detail and considering all the action and fun provided, the score for the best blockbuster of 2021 to date will be 9.0.

Godzilla Vs Kong opens in Brazil on April 29, 2021.

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