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The season of confinement and social detachment for almost every year of 2020 and still part of 2021 is the starting point for Me Feel Well With You, the exclusive launch of Amazon Prime Video. Far from perilous issues, such as unemployment and hunger, filmmaker Matheus Souza has composed an intimate, factual and musical work, centered on relationships through screens and the replacement of social interactions by the seduction of words.

Far from the hasty productions on the pandemic period of the 21st century, Me Feel Well With You has cinematic sharpness in an effort to put the viewer in the conversation of the characters. It is worth mentioning the exquisite workmanship of the artistic production, both in the visuals of the actors and in the sets. The shots go beyond the simple webcam shot for detailed framing and warm light projections, especially in the scenes of the couple of protagonists Adriana (Manu Gavassi) and Tom (Matheus Souza), two budding filmmakers and ex-cubs. friends.

It all starts with “Hey, are you there?” How many people did not send messages to ex-partners during quarantine to soothe the loneliness? In other words, identification can be instantaneous for young people, who spend most of their lives away from home. The couple’s dialogue is reminiscent of the simple and impressive screenplay from the director’s debut feature, Just the End (2008).

In fact, the character Tom is a mix of egotistical Tom (Gregório Duvivier), Só o Fim, and the irritating Paulo Ricardo (played by the director himself), Tamo Junto (2016). Apparently, the protagonists of Matheus Souza are a kind of alter-ego, still a student, aspiring or young filmmaker. So the couple spend time exchanging audios, messages and phone calls to escape the presence of themselves and perhaps reopen a painfully closed door.

In another report, there are two sisters: Vanessa (Thuany Parente) and Lívia (Bel Moreira). Separated by miles, they make scheduled calls to pass the time. The goal, in fact, is to find comfort in each other by the premature departure of his mother, in addition to developing the artistic heritage of the mother. Two other couples are struggling to maintain virtual contact, despite the occasional and recent relationship before the quarantine.

One of them is formed by the instagrammer Priscilla (Clarissa Mueller) and the captivating Giovanna (Gabs). They are the prettiest pair on the scene, with a mixture of purity of feel and desire to the skin. The two actresses were in the director’s previous film Ana and Vitória (2018), and here they make a beautiful musical duo, written by Matheus Souza. The other couple is formed by youngsters Helena (Amanda Benevides) and Eduardo (Richard Abelha), a case of casual sex which, due to the lack of contact, becomes something much bigger. They are responsible for one of the most exciting moments in the story.

To complete the mosaic, the couple of real actors Thati Lopes and Victor Lamoglia bring to life the little friends “three years together” Dora and Fernando. For them, constant coexistence has become mutual torture. Thus, Matheus Souza sets up a diversified diagram of situations between exchanges of gentleness, beards, obscene language and confabulations, sometimes comical, sometimes existentialist.

The casualness of the conversations and the slow progress between them are comfortably welcomed on screen. Some adjacent characters are added and multiplied, such as Tom’s mother (Priscilla Rozenbaum), in the discovery of bisexuality at a mature age. In this way, I Feel Good With You is a light audiovisual expression of caged emotions: falling in love and not being able to touch the object of desire; have doubts about the reciprocity of feelings; and build trust in others and in themselves to be able to dialogue.

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In other words, Matheus Souza does not go out of his comfort zone and explodes his signature with affections, jokes about practical situations and pop references. For national cinema, the filmmaker stands out for his author’s tone, his easy way of talking about youth and embracing diversity in his latest works.

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