Criticism | I Hope You (Re) Volta – Before BBB, Lucas Penteado posted the verb about student struggles in this documentary

Three years before Lucas Penteado took part in Big Brother Brazil’s most controversial edition and was the target of hate distillation by other participants, the actor took part in a vital documentary on the events of the last decade in Brazilian territory. Available on the “ Globoplay ” platform and presented at festivals around the world, “ I Hope Your (Re) Volta ” shows how the last generations of students have had fewer and fewer resources in the classroom, but are resisting increasingly to the public scrapping. education.

The documentary lasts an hour and thirty-three and is told and presented through the experiences, memories and perspectives of three teenagers: Lucas Penteado (young black man, student of the public college), Marcela Jesus (young black man, from suburb) public school) and Nayara Souza (young white girl, from a peripheral public school). Together, the three share their experiences with the viewer during the school occupation movement in São Paulo in 2017.

Written and directed by Eliza Capai, “ I Hope You (Volta) ” is an important dossier made from the protests of 2017, showing that, contrary to what many politicians announced at the time, the students who decided to occupy educational institutions were not. after “sex, drugs and rock’n roll”, but rather to organize and resist the closure of schools and the transfer of students to the state. With a scenario that interweaves the experiences of the protagonist trio in couture with the political scenario that has been taking shape since then, the long research seeks to shed light on the beginning of all concerns – even in 2013, with the first demonstrations on the 20 centimes of rising bus prices – through the indictment forged in 2016 and ending before the 2018 election and its disastrous outcome.

As far as young people are concerned, it is to be expected that the whole thing will be extremely passionate, therefore, while the speeches of the interviewees are lucid, hopeful and emotional, they also carry a characteristic trait of naivety. of age (for example, when Nayara says she joined a certain political party because she identified with the ideas proposed, at 17), of those who are still trying to understand right and wrong and even look at each other critically (most of the narratives are commented on by the 2018 look of these protagonists, who don’t always agree with what they thought and said in the stills from the documentary).

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Lucas Penteado, then a public school student, was already at that time demonstrating lightness and power by putting his ideas and opinions before the collective, starting from his individual perspective to understand that the struggle is for and for everyone. With a broad smile and good humor, the rising actor demonstrates a total mastery of the language and the oratory, beautifully ending “I Hope Your Re (Volta)” with a conscious and solid poem-slam. For those who still think Lucas wanted to star on the reality show for trying to get along with the band, for kissing those who gave him affection, and for trying to engage with the hardliners, ‘J’ hope you are (Volta) ”, emphasizes as a critical, open and enlightened subject, he is ready to fight for the rights of the group, even if on the way he sometimes makes mistakes or that the fight is not always seen by those who benefit the most.

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