Criticism | I’m gonna die tomorrow – Michelle Rodriguez stars in paranoid viral thriller

The first job of a director or director generally leans towards two possible scenarios: either telling a story “standing in the door”, to attract attention, or telling something more intimate, which comes from an experience. personal. Regardless, the start of a film career almost always begins with independent film festivals, like SXSW, in the southern United States. He made his debut in the seventh art of all film genres, such as the thriller “Vou Morrer Amanhã”, which is now reaching Brazilian rental platforms on demand.

The story of “I’m Dying Tomorrow” begins with Amy (Kate Lyn Sheil), a young ex-alcoholic who, in an epidemic of paranoia, begins to feel confident that she will die the next day. In this dizzying move of fear, Amy tries to let off steam with her mother, Jane (Jane Adams), who at first doesn’t pay much attention to her and leaves her alone with her thoughts, however, when she returns home and confronts the loneliness, Jane begins to think about the things the girl said, and she too begins to enter this spiral of icy thoughts which, little by little, takes over her thoughts to the point that Jane also creates the certainty that she will die the next day. So the endless cycle begins.

Written and directed by Amy Seimetz, the concept of the film is interesting, but its execution (with forgiveness for redundancy) is too conceptual. Using a good idea, the production is based on the inherent human fear of dying, using that fear to generate tension and psychological suspense for its characters. In theory, this could be pretty cool. In practice, the feature film ends up becoming tiring, redundant, because by approaching the subject in a superficial way (consciously, because it relegates the viewer to the mission of understanding what is happening), it misses a great opportunity to dive into it headlong in the genre. of terror or psychological thriller to build an immersive story that takes the viewer into the paranoia of the protagonists. It turned out that the dive was more like a Czech bath.

Interestingly, the feature features famous names in Hollywood: Michelle Rodriguez (from ‘Fast and Furious’), Chris Messina (‘ Birds of Prey ‘), Jane Adams (‘ Poltergeist: The Phenomenon ‘) and Josh Lucas (‘ Ford x Ferrari ‘)’). However, everyone plays experimental characters, with very few lines and reinforced by facial expressions (or lack thereof) in the face of impending death. After assembling a popular cast, director Amy Seimetz needed to explore her actors better, giving them more tangible characters in the plot.

“Vou Morrer Tomorrow” has a good idea: to question the imminent death, a topic that most people don’t want to talk about, let alone think about the possibility of it happening the next day. To that end, the feature brings a psychological immersion in the viral creation of paranoia – a well-established mistrust is carried by people, until everyone begins to consider the possibility of this happening, as with the fakes. news, for example. A film for those who like subjective and experimental proposals.

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