Criticism | In War with Grandpa – Robert De Niro stars in a fun children’s comedy about grandparents and grandchildren

Generational clash seems to be becoming more and more the focus of Hollywood comedies, whether it’s because of the contrast between the family and the girl’s new boyfriend, or because of the conflicts between members of the same family: brother. with sister, distant cousin with the father of the children and, more recently, the battle between the grandfather and the grandson. This is the motto of ‘Em Guerra com o Vovô’, currently showing in Brazilian cinemas.

Ed (Robert De Niro) is a cranky grandfather who lives alone and therefore gets into trouble. One day, her daughter Sally (Uma Thurman) decides to put an end to the situation and invites her father to live with her in his house. But that does mean that Peter (Oakes Fegley) will have to leave his own room and leave it to his grandfather – and so he’s going to sleep in the attic of the house. This bothers him deeply, as he feels like his grandfather has stolen something that belongs to him. In an attempt to reclaim the bedroom, Peter leads a war with his grandfather, in which not only will the winner win, but also have the right to sleep in the best bedroom in the house.

Based on the eponymous book by Robert Kimmel Smith, Tim Hill’s film makes good use of the playful and provocative spirit of children as a means of bringing the childish world closer to the senile one, after all, both have special needs and have tend to be composed. stubborn and irritable individuals. . That’s why Robert De Niro fills the screen with his antics, and it’s really nice to see him do such cool scenes, which make it seem like he’s having a lot of fun with what he’s doing. Although he has appeared in action movies, it is truly in comedy that Mr. De Niro shines and softens our hearts. Watching him play (and have fun) with Christopher Walken is like watching two great pals.

Through the artifice of a silly argument, Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember’s screenplay disguises itself as a comic to actually talk about an important problem with American children: the reality of a real war. In a country that constantly declares war on other nations of the world, it is very touching to see, at the end of the film, two characters openly telling children that war leads nowhere, only grief and pain. . Hopefully the message will be understood by the little ones.

The target audience consists of children around twelve years old, which is why the film is filled with naive pranks by Luccas Neto, with the right to eschatology, games, technology, nudity, etc. Although the cut seems to have torn parts of the production to pieces, “At War With Grandpa” is one of those movies that even adults will laugh at, because we all know a spoiled child or a stubborn old man.

Lasting just over an hour and a half, “At War with Grandpa” builds a fun and surprisingly moving family story. A film to watch with everyone on a Sunday afternoon, and build beautiful memories of family moments.

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