Criticism | Jurassic World: Jurassic Camp – Season 4 is loaded with drone and dinosaur battles

If there was any doubt that “Jurassic Park” was a children’s story, it will likely go away now, with the recent release of the fourth season of “Jurassic World: Jurassic Camp” on Netflix. While most of the franchise’s adventures center around child protagonists (see the first movie and the current animated series, which we’re talking about), the themes, situations, and most importantly, the learnings are pretty mature. And, if until now the group of young teenagers had struggled to escape from Isla Nublar, now the question has become much, much bigger.

After having miraculously managed to escape from “Jurassic Camp” on Cloud Island on the yacht of Kenji’s father (in the original voice of Ryan Potter), Brooklyn (Jenna Ortega), Darius (Paul-Mikél Williams), Sammy (Raini Rodriguez), Kenji, Ben (Sean Giambrone) and Yasmina (Kausar Mohammed) eventually find a new island. But instead of docking in Costa Rica, they discover that the new place is also populated by dinosaurs! A new configuration of survival must be faced by the group, however, even after being in this stress for six months, the discovery of new hybrid species in the place puts the safety of the young at risk, especially after they discover that a man named Kash (Haley Joel Osment, the scared boy from the thriller “The Sixth Sense”) is not only behind these horrific science experiments, but that the purpose of all this cruelty is to create a dinosaur fight, which the goal is to make the island a place of violent entertainment for adults.

Although it still has a youthful touch to its plot – like the awakening of a romance between two of the characters – the main core of this fourth season of the series developed by Zack Stentz is heavy this time around. By putting into fiction the terrible reality of the existence of individuals who raise animals to fight them (dogs, roosters, among others), by using the insertion of hormones and the diet that encourages aggression, the screenplay by Rick Williams and Sheela Shrinivas brings very violent scenes to see, even for older audiences, with animals forced to fight, paralyzed and tortured and forced to do things against their will, especially in episodes 5, 6 and 10. It does not have to be a sensitive person to be impacted by the scenes.

The eleven episodes of this fourth season also bring new species, not only of dinosaurs, but other animals that have lived with them, such as the saber-toothed tiger, thus expanding the universe and the possibilities of adventures of this. center and more to come into the franchise. The insertion of drones, robots and other artificial intelligences was a fundamental addition to give a new plot, after all four seasons ago we saw the group running away and trying to survive.

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The fourth season of ‘Campamento Jurassic’ is very different from anything that has been presented in history until today, with sensitive situations that may displease audiences, especially younger ones, who are still in a sentimental training. It should be watched with caution and parental supervision.

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