Criticism | Just Say Yes – Netflix’s Dutch Comedy Entertains Like A Mexican Soap

Do you like dramatic romantic stories based on the cliché, with over the top performances, lots of bar strength, and romantic kittens to make you sigh? Well then “Just Say Yes” is the right movie to watch on Netflix.

Lotte (Yolanthe Cabau) is a production assistant on a renowned television channel. Always out of the spotlight, he is dating Alex (Juvat Westendorp), a famous presenter and with whom he dreams of marrying. However, when he achieves this dream, everything in his life starts to go wrong, and the arrival of Chris (Jim Bakkum) to help in the business further confuses the feelings of the girl, who still has to contend with the fact of his sister. , Estelle (Noortje Herlaar) about to marry her own boss.

“Just Say Yes” is a well-meaning comedy, but it’s very pot thirsty. Lasting just over an hour and forty, the concept for the film attempts to embrace more themes than a feature film can handle, and the result is a lot of detail, poorly resolved issues or simply left out for the convenience of the movie. screenplay by Jill Waas and Michiel Peereboom. Literally, almost all themes related to the world of contemporary cosmopolitan women appear in the feature film – some are touched on, others are just mentioned. We have the macho boss who dribbles, the clueless and profiteer boyfriend, the guy who dreams, the competition between women, who turns self-love into a reality TV style, etc.

While most of the elements of “ Just Say Yes ” simply reinforce stereotypes (in a superficial attempt to combat them), Appie Boudellah and Aram van de Rest’s comedy has a nice build: the movie begins something like “ Runaway Bride ” and she quickly transforms into a “ Forrest Gump ” bride, who, sitting on a bench in the square, tells the unknowns of her life to a total stranger. In addition, it is built bringing elements that are very popular with its target audience: the musical scenes of romantic comedies, with dances in the middle of the street and a prince on the white horse; the Barbie and Ken dolls, with which many girls have grown up as their ideal relationship; planning the dream marriage proposal, etc.

But, in reality, the film has a lot of problems, which the viewer of the more critical view will in fact be disturbed. The first arc of the film leads us to think that the shock of the plot will be Lotte’s release from her then opportunistic boyfriend to see true love in her best friend, but then, halfway through, the film enters a hitherto non-existent dispute. between the protagonist and his sister, falling back on the old construction (currently fought against) that women are still in competition with each other. And the first problem is not addressed.

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On the other hand, if you aren’t looking to take a deep dive into a romantic comedy and star in a Mexican novel, then indulge in this light, silly, very “Maria do Bairro” comedy. “Just Say Yes” is entertaining, despite the problematic construction, and is an entertainment option for those who love the genre.

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