Criticism | Life After Tombo – Documentary on Karol Conká is an AFRONTE …

Globoplay launched in its catalog this morning (29) the documentary on Karol Conká, entitled “A Vida Além do Tombo”.

In the critical video, editor-in-chief Renato Marafon talks about the documentary – which is an affront to those who have followed Karol’s behavior at BBB 21 – and also analyzes how some people are using the internet to spread hatred.

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The production intends to improve the image of the singer after her controversial visit to BBB, where Karol was responsible for several confusions that led to the departure of other participants.

After watching the documentary, audiences took to social media to detonate the attempt to save the singer’s image.

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Seeing the first episode of Mamacita Karol Conká’s documentary, it’s clear that she’s not sorry for what she did, but for losing her career. It’s embarrassing that they want to sell this idea that she did what she did at home because she “had traumas from the past”

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– Alienated from BBB21 (@Ramonzituz) April 29, 2021

I still think Karol Conká chose the wrong strategy. It took a few months for him to reappear triumphantly on the farm.

– Chico Barney (@chicobarney) April 29, 2021

“Watching journalism attack me on television […] I am very sorry for them ”- Karol Conká in #avidadepoisdotombo. You’ve already started to make mistakes, right? I didn’t see journalism attacking Karol. I saw the # BBB21 audience attack Karol. Journalism reported on events as they unfolded.

– Cadu Safner (@Cadu_Safner) April 29, 2021

lumena thought she was going to talk to the mamacita in the documentary and ended up leaving her too kkkkkkk # bbb21 #avidadepoisdotombo

– kinhos (@imarkinhos) April 29, 2021

I watched the first episode of Karol Conka’s documentary and so far I continue with the same opinion: she is exactly what she showed inside the house and has no regrets for what she did, although she is advised to say the opposite all the time.

– De Lucca (@delucca) April 29, 2021

Can’t trust a word of regret from Karol Conka, especially after seeing a body language expert unmask her in Ana Clara’s interview, egotistical people like her don’t regret #avidadepoisdotombo
Lumena / flora stuff

– Drizy (@veegasz) April 29, 2021

OFF: “Life after the Fall” is the same as “Anitta: Madre in Honório”: it shows a talented artist with whom it is difficult to live. One documentary was created to cancel the artist’s attitudes and the other to romanticize them!
Are you ready for this conversation? #avidadepoisdotombo #karolconka #anitta

– juliette’s neighbor @ (@marcelocostta) April 29, 2021

The globe giving the scene to an inhuman person in a Reality, putting psychological pressure, humiliating, scandalous offenses with the other participants. Seriously, this is extremely unnecessary.
Mamacita / documentary / Karol conka

– João. rt and fav on my fix (@ mixdead01) April 29, 2021

I saw some pieces of Karol Conka’s documentary and look, I can’t believe anything at all.

– mermaid from the good shelter (@fresdinanda) April 29, 2021

The documentary shows a team following the artist since leaving reality TV.

The production tells of the rise, the fall of his career and his rebirth, bringing a restoration of his image.

Since his 99.17% elimination, which broke records with the highest rejection rate in BBB history, Conká has not only appeared in Mais Você, but has also been featured in Domingão do Faustão and won a special story in Fantástico.

Did you watch the documentary? What do you think?

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