Criticism | Love Alarm – Season 2 makes this series a drama of mine

Dramas invade pop culture and gain their definitive place in the hearts of young people. The massive production of South Korean series has won over fans the world over, like the captivating series “ Love Alarm ”, the second season of which has just debuted on Netflix.

Kim Jojo (Kim So-Hyun) tries to live her life and has a hard time liking Hye Yeong (Ga-ram Jung), who is a very, very good boy. But the girl can’t be sure if she really loves him, or if she doesn’t even want to love him, because her ‘Love Alarm’ app isn’t ringing for anyone. Gradually, the protective measure that seemed like a good idea in the past is starting to become a very big burden on Jojo, especially now that she is pondering the issue and imagining that the shield she has put on it. The app itself didn’t stop her from having a happy life alongside the coveted Sun Oh (Song Kang).

Inspired by Kye Young Chon’s webtoon (like a comic manga with more rounded and cartoonish lines, made for the internet) by Kye Young Chon, the series adapted for the audiovisual has gained a lot of depth, losing the playful tone of the digital version and soaking up in the dramatic tension that is the insecurity of interpersonal relationships. The principle is simple: an application which becomes people’s darling and which promises to indicate, within a radius of 10 meters, who are the people who will love you, whether in the short or long future. Therefore, it also indicates whether you will love the person back, which would ensure the success of romantic relationships and put an end to unnecessary emotional investments.

Following the first season which presents the plot of the series, the second season of ‘Love Alarm’ written by Bo-ra Seo and Ah-Yeon Lee seeks to reverse the love conflict provoked in the first episodes: the shield that protected Jojo now. becomes a curse. And this is only accepted by the viewer because we have two convincing kittens vying for the heart of the protagonist: on the one hand, the rich bad boy; on the other, the good guy, the good guy that everyone knows is who she should be with. For those who haven’t seen the first season, you can start the second season if you’ve already read our review here on CinePOP.

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The general direction of Lee Na-Jeong relies on technical elements to mark the change of space-time in history: if at the first school year everything was in gray tones, wintry, now, at the university, we are in the fall, a little more sunny (but not so much), with pastel tones and a little more colorful. This attracts attention because the lighting is a strong feature of the series: all the scenes, even internal ones, have a very strong lighting on the faces of the actors, which is highlighted with the almost entirely white costume of the protagonist, giving to the series an ethereal air.

Accompanying the technique of the dramas, the intensity with which the tactile scenes (hand, face, shoulder) are increased with the close-ups of the camera and the theatrical positioning with which the actors / characters behave on the stage only increases the ‘Love Alarm’ romantic -dramatic atmosphere, making this one of those cute series to keep in a potty and call mine.

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