Criticism | Love Madness – Netflix launches cute updated version of ‘Never Been Kissed’

Those who grew up in the 1990s had the opportunity to see classic romantic comedy theaters that marked an entire generation, such as “Who’s gonna stay with Mary?” and “Nunca Fui Beijada”, films with helpless young women who somehow needed to be rescued. Over twenty years later, “Madness of Love” arrives on Netflix, a Spanish version of this story, only with an updated and totally passionate narrative.

Adri (Álvaro Cervantes) is the typical man of his life, a stallion who doesn’t get attached to anyone. One evening, he makes a bet with friends that he can seduce a blonde who is at the bar, however, as he was on his way to the girl, Carla (Susana Abaitua) runs into him. Enchanted by the euphoric energy of the girl in front of him, Adri feels mesmerized and follows this enigmatic girl in all of her crazy plans – and with her, she has the best night of her life. However, with the sunrise, the mysterious girl runs away, leaving Adri with no information about her and with a huge void in her chest.

Under the guise of a romantic fairy tale comedy, Eric Navarro and Natalia Durán’s screenplay appropriates the argument used in “ Never Been Kissed ” to build a more honest and current story: that of the man who infiltrates a certain place to try and win the beloved woman, however, when he gets there, he finds out that he is not a prince charming and that the concept of saving the helpless woman is a romantic idea that no longer has its place in the modern world.

“ Loucura de Amor ” is also dedicated to the development of extremely charismatic supporting characters, whose stories thrill the viewer for the same reason: everyone has a psychiatric disorder, and the way the film works on these issues is quite enough. honest, even if sometimes it is too little didactic. Among all of them, the most moving is Saúl (Luis Zahera), who surprises us and cries tears that we have not seen forming in our eyes.

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Dani de la Orden’s directing strikes the right balance to mix hints of romantic romance brought to life by some really fun comedic situations – all of this to embellish the real drama of “ Madness of Love ”: the (in) ability to the human being to respect the other as he or she is. Set in a beautiful location, the film gains a lot with delivering actors to such complex characters, bringing in a non-stereotypical read of individuals with psychiatric disorders. Lasting nearly one hour and forty minutes, the film crosses every moment at the right time, the spearhead of an intense, playful and delicious opening, which catches the viewer in the first fifteen minutes.

“Madness of Love” is a cute and respectful film that entertains and reflects in equal proportion. She delivers everything that is expected of him and still leaves a beautiful message: to love is not to want to change the other in order to try to integrate him into a so-called normality, but to understand that he has his differences and its peculiarities; you have to respect that and love yourself anyway.

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