Criticism | Mandalorian is a wonderful Star Wars adventure with a foothold in the original saga

Popularization or trivialization, call it what you want. Regardless of the terminology, the socio-cultural impact that the already beloved Star Wars franchise has had since returning to the big screen with new episodes and spin-offs, which began with The Force Awakens (2015), is inherent. Since then, the peculiar and avant-garde saga created by George Lucas and once shared by him in his intimate circle of Movie Brats (composed by Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Brian De Palma) has taken on Biblical proportions, reaching the most diverse. media formats, thanks to technology.

And now, Jon Favreau is taking control of the veteran filmmaker’s intellectual property, continuing his original legacy with The Mandalorian, a Star Wars adventure set in the future of Disney + streaming, but keeping one foot in its sights. nostalgic past.

Essentially, the first original live-action Star Wars series is what every fan of the brand would want it to be: Star Wars redundantly good. From scene transitions to dry cuts, what makes the franchise a delight in its own way is precisely its ability to be irreverent and fantastic in the construction of its characters, as it is also practical and almost aesthetic in its technicality in the style. footage. I almost said. Precisely because it is this simplicity and this particularity born in episode IV that make the saga a unique experience and in fact totally authentic in its recording format. Original from the start, George Lucas’ universe has its mannerisms, from the unfolding of the script to the editing table, and Favreau was able to capture that, respecting what makes Star Wars the immortal classic that it is, because it always delivers its own share of this vast. world.

The Mandalorian immediately introduces us to the world of bounty hunters, but keeps its mysteries about the dialectics and systematics of this underworld. Here we quickly find the familiar face of Lando Calrissian (Carl Weathers), as a nourishing way to welcome older fans looking for Easter Eggs and other direct references to the trilogy that started it all. And the series created and scripted by Favreau took care of exactly that, providing identifiable elements for the most attentive audience, like a Boba Fett moved in the background, in addition to the little elements that make up the expansive universe of Star Wars. This helps to make the experience even richer, allowing the engagement in the narrative to be almost instantaneous, as it is so well presented.

And in its first episode, the series walks with solidity, captures attention for its quick and well-crafted introductory wrestling scenes, and makes a point of showing what happened. Walking naturally, as if we were invited to witness a long narrative, the Lucasfilm production turns first, to explain later, generating an inaugural fascination at first. Curious, we were attentive in order to know where we will be led for the next chapters. Still keeping a lot of secrecy about what The Mandalorian’s true adventure is, the series is also well-directed, produced, and praised for Star Wars’ beloved realism in well-built and architectural settings, which guarantee the feeling. that everything was planned in a spacious way. Her aesthetic always counts with exceptional makeup work and a rich, palpable production design.

With practical visual effects that ensure the same movie quality as the franchise’s long-budget films, the series loses nothing in terms of quality, knows how to measure its pace to build a climax that deserves attention in the first chapter and ends surprisingly, revealing a shiny Easter egg that certifies a real connection to the original films. But still like a great unknown in the minds of the public, the enigmatic ending of the opening episode of The Mandalorian reminds us that in this same source where some of the most fascinating stories of Star Wars were born, there is always a new freshness to satisfy the most passionate fans.

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