Criticism | Mission Christmas Gift – A Signature Style Romance Available On Netflix

The best time of the year is finally here and Netflix is ​​inundated with Christmas productions! Hey! And for those with a nice little holiday story, the premiere of the week, “Missão Presente de Natal”, is a full plate!

A week before Christmas, when Erica (Kat Graham, of ‘The Vampire Diaries’) – assistant to Congresswoman Bradford (Virginia Madsen) – is sent to a remote Pacific island to check on the activities of a US military base. . , because there is a need to cut spending and there are rumors that the base is spending taxpayer money on silly things, like the “Christmas gift mission”. So Erica goes there and meets Captain Andrew (Alexander Ludwig), who will be your guide there. As Erica searches for flaws in such a mission, Andrew, on the other hand, tries to infect her with the true spirit of Christmas.

One of the coolest things about the feature (as some viewers may suspect from the synopsis) is that it’s based on real facts. And … of course, it’s true. Because the USA is still with military bases in foreign territories, playing the savior of the homeland. Despite this, the atmosphere created in “Missão Presente de Natal” manages to leave this aspect aside and delivers a real Christmas story, the aim of which is to arouse good feelings in the viewer.

Written by Gregg Rossen and Brian Dawyer, the screenplay follows the format of blockbuster romantic comedies: two protagonists who seem to have nothing to do with each other; the sour comments that are essentially pure flirtation; two opposing worlds that meet because of fate; an obstacle greater than their will, which causes the couple to stay together only at the end; a charismatic prince who makes people sigh for him; a real scenario like Moana’s, etc. This shower of clichés is intentional: With a simple, true story, the film wants to strike the hearts of fans of Christmas romantic comedies.

Add to that the fine performance of Alexander Ludwig, who builds a completely adorable aircraft pilot. Seriously, aside from being good looking, caring, polite, good-natured, always willing and selfless, the guy is still a single person who doesn’t get involved with anyone on the island and is a great family. In other words, the ideal prince for fans of these types of films.

Although three times there is a scene completely out of place from the rest of the plot (like Erica dancing alone at the party, which was very odd), in general Martin Wood’s directing is very efficient, managing to achieve the goal. to fill people’s hearts. with love and hope. With a perfect man and gorgeous beaches with crystal clear waters, “Mission Christmas Gift” is a Hallmark-style movie, only available on Netflix. Unmissable!

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