Criticism | Netflix’s Under Zero – TERROR is a biting MOVIE!

The title is one of the most important parts of promoting a movie. Thanks to the name, the production can access emotional memories in the viewer, indicate what genre it is or even give a big plot spoiler. Or, in other cases, it doesn’t quite match what the movie actually offers, as is the case with “Below Zero,” Netflix’s new bet.

Miguel (Karra Elejalde) is a policeman who arrives on the first day of his work in a new police station, and his first task is to accompany, with Montesinos (Isak Férriz), a group of prisoners who will be transferred to another prison . The transfer will be at night, and it is very, very cold in Spain. And what seemed like a simple, routine task turns out to be everyone’s worst nightmare that night.

“Below Zero” is the kind of movie that, if you count too much, ruins it. The script by Lluís Quílez and Fernando Navarro is extremely well written and complex, leaving little room for the viewer to breathe and holding the reins of suspense in such a way that we cannot switch off. The first scene sets the tone for what is to come, and we are faced with the impact of terror that will punctuate the thirty-six hours of suspense. Indeed, although the film is more inclined to the thriller, the precise scenes of terror are so striking that they make the viewer jump in the chair. And the intermediary between one of those moments and the next is such a good suspense that it makes you bite your nails without even realizing it.

The unsettling story of ‘Below Zero’ is carried by great performances from a group of actors who manage to impress mystery, anger and hide emotions to the right extent for such a mixed set of characters as the Spain itself. In a softened ‘Mortal Games’ imprint, we get to know each of the prisoners, what got them jailed, and how they directly contribute to this scenario of containment and torture. The highlights are Mihai, the Romanian (Florin Opritescu), who looks more like “Vikings” Ragnar; Rei (Édgar Vittorino), the beautiful; and Ramis (Luis Callejo) and Nano (Patrick Created), whose roles are justified.

Lluís Quílez gets his hands on the making of a simple story, the elements of which synchronize and lead to a tense, nervous, unexpected result and with the constant feeling of “it will give shit, it will give shit” – and when it does, the viewer will always be surprised because they just can’t wait for what the plot is doing. Is there anything better than this in a thriller horror movie?

If you only have time to watch a movie this week, skip all options and go to “Below Zero”. In a mixture of terror, suspense and action, every minute of your time is worth it, even if the title doesn’t match the plot.

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