Criticism | New Space Order – South Korea launches its own Marvel-style ‘Star Wars’ on Netflix

Think of a movie that has absolutely everything from the most pop of the Hollywood film industry, but instead of making its debut on the movie circuit, it goes straight to the comfort of your own little home. We’re talking “New Space Order,” the latest must-see movie on Netflix.

Planet Earth is dying with so much pollution and few natural resources. Knowing this imminent result on the planet, Sullivan (Richard Armitage) – a very wealthy investor scientist – created a program in 2092 that aims to bring selected humans to live on Mars, while supposedly seeking a cure for Earth. However, other unselected people coexist in space: they are bounty hunters, aliens, pirates and other marginalized categories. In this group are Captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri), robot Bubs (Hyang-gi Kim) and diggers Tiger Park (Seon-kyu Jin) and Tae-ho (Song Joong-Ki), who in his turn, entered this life because he is looking for his missing daughter. However, the lives of these hunters change when they encounter an unexpected charge: Kot-nim (Ye-Rim Park), wanted internationally, when he is just a child.

All the technical aspects and visual effects are enchanting in “ New Space Order ”, but two two elements stand out: the first is that it is a South Korean production (thus leaving the Hollywood mass circuit), and even mixing different languages ​​and cultures, the trait is spoken in Korean; the second is that the film drinks from the source of many geek movies, bringing the essence of pop culture. There are clear references to classic American franchises, such as “Star Wars”, “Star Trek” and “Indiana Jones”, as well as films such as “Tron”, “Armageddon” and Marvel. Combining adventure, action, drama and science fiction, halfway through the film, he even obtains a comedy outfit, very “Three Spins and a Baby” style, or the Chinese “Three Thieves and a Baby”. If you push, we even see a reference to the game “Among Us”.

Sung-hee Jo’s film is very well written and even better directed. With the exception of about three moments when you have the feeling of missing a scene for better continuity, “New Space Order” maintains such a frantic pace that it fascinates the viewer just after a few minutes of exposure. The action scenes are intense, the story is deep, there is social criticism going on in the background and the production, as a whole, is of the highest quality. He’s not late on any of the franchises he’s inspired by.

Although it focuses its plot on the story of protagonist Tae-ho, it is the rest of the group that stands out, with the sensitive robot Bubs and the trickster and a beautiful personal journey; Captain Jang, tough as Captain Hook and gentle as Wendy; and the ingenuity of Seon-kyu Jin, who managed to build a mr. Raw, charismatic and surprising Park, owner and owner of the best action scenes in the style of ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘The Terminator’.

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“New Space Order” is a film that deserved to be seen in theaters. Indoors, it is recommended to watch on the largest screen possible, not on cell phones, and with very loud sound, for full immersion in this futuristic South Korean sci-fi. With engaging protagonists, let “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Avengers” feel! I hope new films will arrive!

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