Criticism | ‘Pose’ bet on family drama for 5th episode of last season

Despite some hurdles over the past week, “Pose” continues, episode by episode, showing that this is one of the best and most important series today – and even in history. Through complex characters and themes whose importance extends to today, the production, created by Ryan Murphy, moves away from iconographic superficiality since the previous season and opens up a space for reflection on this what it means to be human and to place oneself in the place of the other, to channel efforts towards what the LGBTQ + community is confronted with in a society carried by retrograde traditionalism.

Walking towards the series finale, which will be shown shortly, it’s only natural that Murphy has already completed the protagonists’ arcs, as he did with Pray Tell (Billy Porter) in the fourth chapter, for example. . Now, the time has come to get a glimpse of what the future awaits for our beloved characters, especially when it comes to Angel (Indya Moore), who, after falling many times, has found his end. happy alongside Papi (Angel Bismark Curiel), both on the verge of joining marital ties – but, as expected, with more issues that arise when everything looks perfect.

At first, Steven Canals, who is in charge of the direction and signs the scenario with Brad Falchuk, decides to take again the atmospheric lightness of the preceding chapters, indicating to us that, perhaps, to use a filling to give more dynamism to a narrative that focused heavily on flashback. However, this subtlety indicates the evolution of the once troubled relationship between Angel and Blanca (Mj Rodriguez), especially when she found out her daughter was using drugs; and the closure between Blanca and Elektra (Dominique Jackson) once again, showing that maturity has come for both characters in a cycle of love and mutual respect that still has a lot to explore – whatever the ending. It must be said that some artistic choices can be small because they don’t blend with the main plot, like putting Elektra in a short narration about the deals he made with the New York Mafia.

Make no mistake: the plot that begins the episode, titled “Something Borrowed, Something Blue,” is the strength of all back-to-back events, but not the unfolding of the opening scene – something that leaves the rest behind. of iteration a little disconnected. Luckily, Canals is nimble enough to take notice of the mistakes he made and try to fix them before the final reveals and another twist that puts everyone’s ties in check. Elektra, calling herself a ‘reincarnation of Cleopatra’, feels complete for overcoming all adversities and being able to give what her daughters want – an absolute makeover for Blanca and the dream wedding for Angel – and that. is exactly what makes the story even denser.

Again, there is an anthological use which, while not following the same structure as in previous years, is an interesting option for the brevity of this relentless series. If we think of each of the chapters as little tales of personal progress and self-love, it is even possible to draw a separate line from each protagonist, which is united by the moment in which they live and the culture of the room. prom, which allowed them to become a family. Such predilections also prevent formulas from being thrown under the carpet and support each other in greater freedom which transmutes according to what one wants to tell – in this case, betting on the exuberance of a marriage and ‘a bachelorette party in opposition to the melodramatic. a time when irresponsible choices can change a life.

The spotlight is basically for Angel and Papi, but, as expected, Jackson steals the show with another superb performance like Elektra. The matriarch of the old Casa Abundance does not bring the insults home, as we well know, and repeats the same sarcasm and irony speech to a clothing store owner who refuses to serve them by transgender women – putting it in vogue, as is the case to be expected, an unjustifiable prejudice that has always accompanied the queer community. However, everything is masked by an acid vein that would not work anywhere else.

It is sad to think that “Pose” is coming to an end and that every week we realize that goodbye is already inevitable. In his most recent entry, the occasional mistakes are corrected, although they still exist – but it turns out, it seems, we’re bracing for an exciting conclusion.

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