Criticism | Sabiá Sabiazinha – Netflix’s New Stop-Motion Christmas Animation is CUTE

The end of year season is a treat for those who like to watch the news streaming. The Netflix platform, for example, devotes nearly two full months of the year to the premiere of Comfort Productions for the end of the year: movies and series to make all audiences feel embraced by good. stories that leave a feeling of well-being for the year-end of family vacations. And one of the bets of the streaming giant is the animated film ‘A Sabiá Sabiazinha’, which was recently released on the platform a few days ago.

During a rainy and windy night, a helpless egg received a gust of wind and fell from its nest high in the tree. The little egg rolled, rolled through the woods and into the stream, until it fell and was eventually found by a family of mice. Papa Rat (in the original voice of Adel Akhtar) decides to take care of the egg with his own children, until the egg hatches and a little sage is born (in the original voice of Bronte Carmichael). Together, Papa Rat and his little children will raise and teach Wise Little Wise One to be and behave like a little mouse: how to sneak into the human house at the end of the year to collect leftover food and the like objects. The problem is, the Sabezinha is… well… a thrush, and therefore it can’t move like a mouse, which ends up creating a lot of confusion for this little rodent family.

Lasting only 32 minutes, the animated medium-length film attracts attention by the quality of its production and the childish candor of its story. Directed by the animation studio Aardman (responsible for the hits ‘Shaun, O Carneiro’ and ‘A Fuga das Galinhas’ – both nominated for an Oscar), ‘A Sabiá Sabiazinha’ is produced entirely in stop-motion, following the technique which is the signature of studio Aardman. In other words, the film was made entirely with plasticine, dolls and other materials to produce the characters and scenarios, which were changed to the millimeter every second and filmed at the same time, from so that, when rolled at high speed, the characters come alive and gain in moves.

Directed by Daniel Ojari and Michael Please, with a script from them, ‘A Sabiá Sabiazinha’ is a very childish film, with a cute little story and a Portuguese voice that helps make the characters more charismatic, even the evil Cat, Who does’ The original version won the voice of Gillian Anderson. The plot is simple and could have been limited to the bird adventure, however, the fact that they add a Christmas touch to the theme improves the production and makes it a great option to watch with the kids waiting for the Santa Claus.

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With a story feel to read in bed and developed as an early childhood adventure – the first steps, the insecurities of the child – ‘A Sabiá Sabiazinha’ is a naïve little film that welcomes pimpolhada without requiring a lot of concentration from the share of children. Well done and with a story that works for the whole family, this is a great tip to keep the little ones entertained.

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