Criticism | Sim’s Day – Jennifer Garner Shines in ‘Afternoon Session’ Comedy for Families

Raising children is not easy for anyone. Even the most seasoned moms and dads can find themselves in difficult situations that no textbook covers. And, given the many demands of everyday life and work, there is a lack of time and energy to spend quality time with young people. This is exactly when the film ‘Dia do Sim’ arrives, the new bet of the children’s film which debuts today on Netflix.

Allison (Jennifer Garner) and Carlos (Édgar Ramírez) have always been very cool. They accepted all kinds of adventures, they said yes to everything … until the birth of their children. Fourteen years have passed and the couple, once such a good wave, are now a mother and father who live by saying no to everything their children ask, and it has ended up building an image of tyrants in the minds of the people. smaller – especially in relationship with Allison, who spends more time with them. Then, during a meeting with the teachers, they discover the “Yes Day”, a whole day where you have to say yes to everything the children ask for, thus improving the family relationship. Eager to prove they’re cool, Allison and Carlos decide to bring up “Sim’s Day” for the kids, but they didn’t expect the three to have any really crazy plans for the date.

Based on the book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld, the hour-and-a-half film is divided into two moments: the construction of the monster which is the mother and heart of the fun on “ Sim’s Day. ” This first moment in Justin Malen’s script is very sad, as it highlights just how imbalanced there is in the division of domestic and parenting duties, with the unfair role of the villain falling on mothers, while dads , according to the character Carlos himself, “already have a lot to say no at work and they should enjoy their children’s smiles when they get home.” Although the film seeks a solution to this problem in the third arc, it is not very satisfactory.

But the goal of “Dia do Sim” is not to offer critical thinking, but to demonstrate how much fun it is to have family if only at least everyone takes the time to do it and participate in activities wholeheartedly. In times of pandemic and containment, that’s a pretty cool proposition. The scenes of the family adventures are very entertaining under the direction of Miguel Arteta. They give the impression that everyone laughed effortlessly while recording the scenes, and they make the viewer happy because they are really childish ideas.

“ Dia do Sim ” is a great movie to watch together on the couch, but it brings a really bad idea to pimpolhada: have you ever thought if this “ Dia do Sim ” fad is catching on? Many people discover new adventures at home, at the risk of having fun with their family.

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