Criticism | Someone’s warning? – One of the best and most exciting Christmas movies of the year

Year after year, producers have noticed that investing in Christmas movies is a good idea, after all audiences love and see several titles in sequence, “to get in the mood.” With an eye on thematic diversity and the variety of audiences, the feature film “Someone Warns?” – a lesbian Christmas movie.

Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis) have been in a serious relationship for a year, and one evening, on impulse, Harper invites Abby to spend Christmas with her family, taking a step that the next day she regrets. everything, her family does not know that she is a lesbian. Despite the tight skirt, Harper decides to carry out the plan, asking Abby to pretend to be just her roommate. The plan could work, were it not for the fact that Harper’s family were extremely concerned about appearances, after all, the family’s patriarch, Ted (Victor Garber) is running for local election, and Harper’s contact with his old life was make you rethink your choices.

Can we agree that the message “Is someone warning?” this is not quite original – the person who takes the partner to meet the family on vacation. Only, like “Run!”, The difference between “Does Someone Warn?” lies in how this argument is developed in the screenplay by Mary Holland and Clea DuVall. By placing this “ Entering a Cold ” universe in the context of a supposedly homophobic family and a couple of lesbian protagonists, the film innovates by showing that this simple gesture – presenting the boyfriend to the family – is completely different. when it is not part of the normative standard.

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Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis (who, not for nothing, is the face of Allison Williams, from ‘Run!’, The first film of its kind that brought this argument back into a non-normative context) have good chemistry, though , for many reasons, who really steals the show is Riley (Aubrey Plaza), and the viewer begins to cheer her on. Dan Levy’s cameo as best friend John is on time, but he has a good laugh.

Clea DuVall builds a beautiful Christmas story with her “ Somebody Warns? “, Inserting real situations of tension and emotion that occur during the end of year celebrations common to all families, regardless of sexual orientation, and this is the main triumph of his feature film. : show that there is no appearance that can be supported by lying, and that the tensions and difficulties experienced by people of alternative sexual orientation to normativity are real and different from what we commonly seen in Christmas movies, but that yes, they do exist, and, therefore, they should also be counted.

Although in some scenes, “does anyone advise? a little too didactic, it is without a doubt one of the best and most exciting Christmas movies of the year. With a breathtaking ending worthy of tears, this is a film that deserves and needs to be seen by all.

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