Criticism | Soul – Pixar closes decade with thrilling film about what matters in life

Pixar has long since stopped being an animation studio that produced films intended only for children, like “ Carros, ” to focus with much more interest on stories that would work for the whole family but would have greater impact on the adult audience. Films like “Viva – Vida é uma Festa”, “Up! Altas Aventuras ”and“ Divertida Mente ”, whose stories transcend simple adventure and delve into deep themes such as post-mortem and psychoanalysis or which simply deal with universal themes very dear to their viewers. This is why we cry so much. And that line of thinking has just been elevated and multiplied with the latest Disney / Pixar release, “ Soul, ” coming straight to the Disney Plus platform.

Joe (in the original voice of Jamie Foxx) is a music teacher frustrated with the direction his life has taken, as he spends his days teaching selfless young people, when his true dream and vocation was to play jazz with great artists. One day, a former student invites him to perform with a great saxophonist, and Joe feels that it is the great chance of his life. He is so excited and distracted that he finds himself in an accident and dies. On the other plane, Joe realizes that he hasn’t been enjoying his life well and refuses to accept his death. With the help of 22 (Tina Fey), a soul who has no interest in being embodied, Joe will live an adventure of learning and discovery that a life could not teach him.

“Soul” is rather a pearl of Pixar, but its beauty is not obvious: you have to delve into the themes evoked in the film to understand the extent of the impact of this feature film, which escapes Western cinematographic clothing. . The argument written by Pete Docter, Mike Jones and Kemp Powers takes the everyday life of an ordinary guy to guide the viewer through a story on many levels, the most obvious of which is one that implements the values ​​we give to things. in our lives and our quality. that we give to the time we have left.

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To develop this trip, the scenario written by this triad (directed by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers) visits some successful constructions of other Pixar productions, such as the aesthetics and the way of organizing the post-life quite close to the universes in inside. head of “Fun Mind”, which the most attentive spectator will be able to perceive. Perhaps this is why the first arc of “Soul” seems too simple, with a lot of influence from the series “The Good Place”; the second arc features the adventure itself – a little too extensive, but fun; finally, the grand finale of “Soul”, which tears us off unexpectedly, as we are asked to focus on a narrative line, when in fact, the film’s asset is in a more special layer.

In step with the changes in the world, Pixar closes the decade by announcing the new winds that will guide its productions: animations with varied narratives, attentive to the individualities and distinct identities of peoples. No wonder, in ‘Soul’ the protagonist is a black man, most of the English voice actors are black artists, the type of music Joe identifies most is of black origin (jazz and soul – and acting no coincidence) and the true soul of Zulu origin is his great teaching: Ubuntu, which teaches that “a person goes through other people”.

For a better “Soul” wonder, think of Ubuntu and try to hold back the tears at the end.

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