Criticism | Stay With Me – New Netflix Series Based On Harlan Coben’s Book Is A Big SUSPENDER

Harlan Coben is an excellent writer of thrillers. His totally cinematic books are the kind where you flip the pages over and over again, dying to know the end. It is not surprising that the writer, who loves Brazil, had his books adapted for the audiovisual as early as 2015 – he even started writing for this format as well – most of which have become Netflix productions. . For this reason, one of his most successful books, ‘Fique Comigo’, has been given the responsibility of being New Year’s entertainment on the platform, made available literally on the last day of 2021 for the subscribers.

Megan (Cush Jumbo) is about to marry the man she loves and the father of her children, with whom she has shared her life for seventeen years. But before this life as a perfect housewife, Megan was Cassie, a nightclub dancer who sparked the love and obsession of two men: Ray Levine (Richard Armitage, the same who starred in ‘The Stranger,’ a other series from Harlan Coben) and Stewart Vert (cane hunting). When, in this past, Stewart Green appears dead, Cassie sees in this episode the opportunity to escape this whole scenario and start over somewhere else, with a new life and a new identity. However, the unresolved past finds its way to find Megan, and now, on the eve of her wedding, she will have to make some important decisions to protect her family.

Inspired by the eponymous book by Harlan Coben, “Stay With Me” brings a good dose of suspense (who is the culprit?), With characters who reveal themselves as the plot progresses. The author’s own screenplay with daughter Charlotte Coben and starring Daniel Brocklehurst and Victoria Asare-Archer fits the plot of the book well, but gives a particularly tired comedic relief – which goes to the killer-dancer duo, the leader of the police who insist on making magic numbers and on the auxiliary detective. This character, moreover, is constructed in such an androcentric way, that he only enters the scene to give clues to Boome (James Nesbitt), to drive his car, to take care of his own son and to take an interest in the love life of her ex-husband and current work partner, Boome. Disguised as a relationship of deconstruction, this character is built in such a way as to continue to serve her ex-husband, through the disguise of comic, because she is always very friendly and smiling around him. I eh. Director Daniel O’Hara could have revised it then eh.

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In just eight episodes of around fifty minutes each, the first season of ‘Stay With Me’ closes its cycle with a well-told story and with an ending that satisfies the viewer who has invested nearly eight hours in this entertainment. While this is a series (that is, we’ll have more seasons, if Netflix confirms it), this first part delivers a full story, with almost all points resolved, and still manages to leave a few hooks open for a possible second part – but what, if not, doesn’t leave the viewer unanswered. It is therefore a good investment in entertainment for those who enjoy stimulating and well-designed suspense.


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