Criticism | The Appeal – South Korean Thriller Is One Of The Best Netflix Movies

The South Korean film industry is gradually gaining the taste of the general public. The crowning glory of this country’s cultural incentive laws came in early 2020, with the Oscar for Best Foreign Film and Best Picture for “ Parasite ” – and since then the eyes of the world have turned south. of the island of Korea. To close the year, the incredible thriller ‘A Ligação’ arrives on Netflix.

Seo-yeon (Park Shin-Hye) is a young woman who has just moved into her family’s former home, where she spent her childhood and where, years ago, she lost her father (Ho- San Park) in a fire. However, painful memories of the past aren’t the only threats in her current life: after losing her cell phone, Seo-yeon begins to receive sinister calls from Young-sook (Jong-seo Jun), the former resident of the past, on the landline. of the House. Little by little, what seemed like a fun time trip turns into a bigger nightmare than the ghosts of the past in Seo-yeon’s life.

In nearly two hours, the viewer is invited to know a seemingly calm story, but it gradually becomes problematic, drenched in twists and turns and quickly degenerates from drama to thriller. With the plot centered on the relationship between the two female protagonists, Chung-Hyun Lee’s storyline reinvents itself with its own argument, appropriating the concept of time travel and bringing it into the genre of thriller and killer in series, inviting the viewer to think that not all time travel is happy and, yes, the actions that change the course of things in the past radically affect the course of life in the present and in the future.

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While the essence of the argument isn’t exactly original, what’s cool is bringing this motto into the context of the thriller, and Chung-Hyun Lee builds it very well in his “ The Connection, ” no. only for the storyline full of twists, but also in others. aspects that feed a feature film: the color palette (which at the beginning of the film is very sunny and bright and, at the end, is completely dark, in shades of blue and black); on the soundtrack, with a fundamental insertion of Seo Taiji’s heavy metal from the second act; to characterize the characters, whose hair alternates between the longest and the shortest depending on who is in charge of the situation at the moment; the use of special effects only at the right time, so that the development of the plot essentially takes place only in the house and the changes that occur there depending on the course of the film.

In “A Ligação”, we see something still little offered on the audiovisual market: a story centered and developing only in a female core, composed by the protagonist and her antagonist, with very little participation of male characters. . In this regard, Park Shin-Hye and Jong-seo Jun take an interpretive bath, taking their roles from innocence to insanity to their full potential.

“A Ligação” is a great thriller that does not waste a minute of the viewer’s attention and offers much more than the synopsis presents. It is to be seen in one sitting until the end – or even after the end, as there is a post-credit scene.

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