Criticism | The Croods 2: A New Age – Continued is an incredibly colorful adventure

In 2013, in the middle of the 21st century, DreamWorks invested in an animation that took place in the Paleolithic – and it worked. Eight years later, the sequel arrives in theaters: “The Croods 2: A New Age”, a wonderfully colorful adventure with a very crazy storyline that should appeal to kids of all ages.

After the Crood family agreed to “adopt” Guy (Ryan Reynolds, voiced in Brazil by Raphael Rossatto), Grug (Nicolas Cage, voiced by Hércules Franco) felt a bit left out, as the whole family loves Guy’s ideas, especially his eldest daughter, Eep (Emma Stone, voiced by Luísa Palomanes), who seems to be spoiled by the young man. Until one day when, while wandering in search of food, the Croods end up finding an oasis in the middle of the desert, where lives the family of Bem (Peter Dinklage, voiced by Rodrigo Lombardi) and Esperança Bemelhor (Leslie Mann, voiced by Juliana Paes), Aurora’s parents. Heaven quickly turns out to be far from perfect when the coexistence between the patriarchs of the two families shows their true plans.

Based on the story of Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, the script for “The Croods 2” is a great trip – by any means. Written by Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman, Paul Fisher and Bob Logan, the story starts from paternal jealousy and goes to the heart of its argument: the clash between the modern and the old, which doesn’t have to be exclusive and can live on. together in harmony.

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To get to the top of “ The Croods 2, ” the script literally makes up a lot of crazy adventures that are sure to thrill kids and draw laughs from more adult audiences – after all, there is so much nonsense it amuses. Scroll down to an entire scene inspired by the classic Aladdin and Jasmine tour (besides the look of the characters Aurora and Esperança), only here, instead of a romantic tour, it’s an adventurous tour between two friends. Thinking of the concept of ‘movie for the whole family’, DreamWorks’ pursuit of success has focused a lot on satisfying the little ones, inserting several jokes and elements that refer to other successes of the NBC / Universal group. , like bananas and ‘Os Minions’ – even if your plot is based on a universe of younger adults.

What catches the most attention in this film is the evolution of the studio’s animation technique between the first and second feature films. Humans and animals acquire awesome textures in the details of their hair and hair – it’s almost like we can smell them, and there’s a scene where you can see the exalted vein in Grug’s neck, as if he wasn’t even a drawing; the color palette is well defined on the three arches, between the tones of the sun at the beginning, for a colorful universe in the middle, culminating in the neon atmosphere that the end of the feature film calls for, all under the direction of the artistic direction by Richard Daskas.

“The Croods 2: A New Age” opens up a range of possibilities for this franchise that nobody gave anything for, but which has conquered its space. While it takes a while to show where it’s coming from, it’s a lively sequel that leaves you wanting more.

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