Criticism | The Grotto – Carolina Ferraz is a Brazilian freelance horror nun

Horror genre productions are experiencing a new moment in Brazil. After the masters Zé do Caixão and Walter Hugo Khouri, who contributed so much so that we have options of terror and horror here, over the past decade, national cinema has broadened its horizons, betting on the expansion of genre with multiple approaches and the production of films of the most varied sub-genres. It is in this trajectory that the independent feature film ‘A Gruta’ arrives at Amazon Prime.

Jesus (Arthur Vinciprova) is the sole survivor of a cave collapse, where he was with his wife, Ana (Nayara Justino), the tour guide (Luciene Martes) and a couple of friends, Laura (Jhenifer Emerick) and Caio (Fábio Soares). But Jesus is found in a state of hallucination, and as a result, Police Officer Marina (Monica Izidoro) asks Sister Helena (Carolina Ferraz) for help, as Jesus babbles about curses and possession. However, what Helena did not imagine was that what haunted the young people in this cave would also persecute her.

When there is little outside collaboration, a story runs the risk of having its comprehension limited to the imagination of its creator. And “The Grotto” was written, directed and starring Arthur Vinciprova, so that the general context gives the viewer the feeling that there is something more to the story that is not being told there – and it is not said at all. The subjectivity of the plot prevents easy comprehension of the plot, which alternates between the heart of the past (what happened in the cave) and the present (with the help and investigation of Sister Helena); these cores, in turn, also intersect with moments of lucidity and hallucination, and such a mixture provides a truncated experience for the viewer.

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Despite the unclear storyline, performances of Jhenifer Emerick, whose tension in this cave is convincing, and Carolina Ferraz, breaking away from TV Helenas and handing over a nun whose own faith is vulnerable are highlighted. Seeing Carolina Ferraz propose herself in a role so different from what the general public is used to seeing her do (a challenge she started to offer in ‘A Glória ea Graça’, 2017) is the most appealing point. in this ‘The cave’.

So in “ A Gruta ” we have two fundamental planes: that of the characters of today and those of the so-called haunting of the past – and, in this plan, there is an intention to shed light. on the racial injustices committed previously in which the characters of then seek revenge. However, this creates the problem of trying to interweave these two worlds with plausible motivation – which, surrounded by weak audio capture, lack of lighting inside the cavernous surroundings, and an insecure construction of suspense. , does not meet the expectation of the horror moviegoer.

Today, with social media and technology, moviegoers have the opportunity to follow the start and maturation of the careers of many Brazilian filmmakers and, to see them improve and prosper, today we must give a opportunity to what they are. produce. “A Gruta” is a low-budget experimental horror with good intention and little scare, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for the steps of the up-and-coming cast, which has the potential to be polished for the future.

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