Criticism | The Last Night – Big Cast Star Suspense Christmas Acid with a Tasteful Story

The coronavirus pandemic has hit all living things on the planet. Many of us have lost relatives, friends, acquaintances; thousands of people have caught the virus and are still suffering from the effects of the disease; millions were not infected, however, they are still feeling the psychological, social and economic impacts that will take years to resolve. Fortunately, the vaccine gave the world a dose of hope, protected people, and kept life moving forward, even with great care. However, the main reason the pandemic has not ended after two years has to do with the refusal of people who refuse to be vaccinated – which is why the virus continues to circulate and change. Considering that we remain in this disturbing global context (and now with a new variant, the ômicrom), the Brazilian cinema premiere of the film ‘A Última Noite’ comes at a very delicate time and sounds very bad taste.

Nell (Keira Knightley) and Simon (Matthew Goode) – and their children Art (Roman Griffin Davis), Thomas (Gilby Griffin Davis) and Hardy (Hardy Griffin Davis) – are set to welcome relatives and friends for New Years Eve. Long-awaited Christmas. However, this is not just a regular reunion: it is actually the last night they will spend together as everyone will die. Amidst food and drink, some truths are revealed, old resentments resurface, and the certainty of impending death makes everyone fear the terrible cloud of poison gas approaching the house, killing everything. the world on the way.

With the spoiler license, as the group reunites to share a meal moments before such a deadly wave of gas hits everyone, the characters also discuss their decision, based on guidance given by the government. to deal with the situation: a suicide pill that people should take to die in peace, without feeling the pain that this gas causes to those who inhale it. However, given the “moral of the story” at the end of the film – and given the current context we live in, with so many deniers refusing to be vaccinated and the pandemic that is developing again with the new variant – that is, at the very least, it is insensitive to commercially release a film that encourages the questioning of science and applauds those who are against doing their part for the good of the collective.

With a very low cost and a famous cast (which includes the protagonist of ‘Jojo Rabbit’, who took his two real brothers in the film), ‘The Last Night’ is a problematic film, both in concept and sound. execution, since, to create an atmosphere of suspense, director Camille Griffin contextualizes her story on the eve of the big event, as if the viewer knew what it was about (and, until that is said, at the half of the movie, it’s unclear why all the fuss at this meeting). It would work best as a TV movie, released after the pandemic was over. Now he’s just sending the wrong message.

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