Criticism | The Princess and the Plebeian: New Adventure – The movie starring Vanessa Hudgens is a visual Christmas treat

Christmas is a magical time, which for us in tropical countries makes us dream of cold, snow and a culture completely different from ours. And when it comes to magic, Disney knows very well how to create the perfect environment for their fairy tales, right? It is in this imprint that begins the sequel “ The Princess and the Plebeian: New Adventure ”, which, while not from Disney – but from Netflix – has all the aesthetics of the Mickey Mouse company.

In this new film, we find Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens), the young woman from Chicago who conquered the heart of Prince Edward (Sam Palladio). The relationship of the two is going very well, although Stacy is very focused on being the ideal princess, honoring all social commitments, and with that, not much time to spend with her husband, which makes Edward sad. As if that wasn’t enough, Stacy tries to find a way to reunite her best friend, Kevin (Nick Sagar) with Montenaro’s next queen, Margareth (Vanessa Hudgens), who unexpectedly inherited the throne. To give love another chance, Stacy and Margareth switch places again, but halfway through the Queen’s evil cousin, Fiona (Vanessa Hudgens), appears and causes a lot of confusion.

There were some changes in the cast between the first and second films. The departure of Alexa Adeosun and the entry of Mia Lloyd in the role of Olivia, the daughter of Kevin, brings a little more dynamism to the child character. The addition of a third role to the protagonist Vanessa Hudgens allows to show all the versatility of this actress who has matured a lot in her career. To oppose the two other characters of the first film, the evil cousin Fiona is made of bee gum, super futile and presents an unknown side of the actress to the general public, since Vanessa is still the young woman of the stories. And Vanessa was very comfortable as the villain in “The Princess and the Plebeian: New Adventure”; hope more papers like this for her soon.

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The screenplay is again being written by Robin Bernheim and Meghan Metzger, the same duo who created the characters and wrote the screenplay for the previous film. However, because it has a set of protagonists to develop, the script speeds up many points, and in others it simply skips steps, assuming the viewer will accept those freedoms. These are moments of suspension of disbelief in which the viewer is wary of the too easy solutions found by the plot to attempt to solve three intersecting cores – and, in the end, the storyline gives much more importance to the plot. Margareth’s personal drama as to the problem (and resolution) of such an exchange.

Still, “The Princess and the Plebeian: New Adventure” is a visual treat for Christmas lovers (less than in the previous film, but all the art direction work is quite luxurious). It’s a more childish and very fun movie, and there’s one more Easter Egg with the couple from “The Christmas Prince”, which appears in the final scene of the feature film. Is Netflix creating a “Natalverso”? Will take!

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