Criticism | The Secret: Dare To Dream – Netflix Launches The Movie That Will Help You Cheer Up

Based on the best-selling book “ O Segredo ”, by Rhonda Byrne – which had already won an audiovisual adaptation in 2006, with a film of the same name – it is now arriving in the (rare) reopened theaters in Brazil “ O Segredo: Ouse Sonhar ”, an equally inspired feature film in the bestselling book.

Miranda (Katie Holmes, in a very unconvincing performance) is a young widow, mother of three children: Missy (Sarah Hoffmeister), Greg (Aidan Pierce Brennan) and Bess (Chloe Lee). The family is deeply in debt, but Miranda sees her relationship with Tucker (Jerry O’Connell) as a lifeline. As anything bad can always get worse, the arrival of a terrible hurricane partially destroys the family home, and on top of that, Miranda crashes into Bray’s (Josh Lucas) car. However, what she didn’t expect was that Bray would not only not be mad at her, but also help her fix her car – and her life.

Bekah Brunstetter’s adaptation managed to extract the essence of “ The Secret ” and translate it into the film’s argument, which offers the viewer a thought on how to react in times of adversity – which , in all the challenges of life, we can always learn. with them and dealing with them in a way that we don’t allow ourselves to be bored so much. With several slogans and moral lessons – mostly present in the character dialogues – the concept of “if you think about something a lot, the universe conspires in your favor” is present from the first scene, through the character Bray – the great savior of the motherland so long.

However, while “ The Secret: Dare to Dream ” is hugely motivating and inspiring, Rick Parks and Andy Tennant’s storyline emphasizes the bar, especially insisting on making the character Bray the hero of the history. Bray, the steadfast, has the right answer to everything and manages firsthand, for example, to convince a sixteen-year-old who is upset because another colleague is going to party on the same day as her, with food trucks and all, Bray, the miraculous, and change this teenage girl’s mind and understand that “more important than two hundred friends on instagram is to have five real friends actually”. Speak seriously! And the teenage girl just accepts that and decides her party will be super cooler if she’s just with her family and five friends around the campfire baking candy together. Oh yeah, because every teenager accepts things so easily …

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The scenario that abuses to turn the man into the only one who can solve the problems was not enough (Miranda’s life when she had a husband was great, but after she became a widow, it was a drug; the only way for Miranda to get up in life is to marry a man, even if she doesn’t like him; the person who can make Miranda see the beauty in life and be happy again is a man ), Andy Tennant’s direction is very condescending to the production, for example, when inserting a mysterious woman into Bray’s life and coming up with a super weird and unconvincing explanation at the end, just to force the ends to tie together even though the feature didn’t go in that direction.

Despite the problematic structure, what counts in “ The secret: dare to dream ” is the message, the feeling of well-being that the film produces in the viewer, which, in times as difficult as those that we let’s cross in 2020, becomes fundamental. . So if you are open to the movies to get a healthy dose of motivation, “The Secret: Dare to Dream” will be the right fuel to fill your heart with hope.

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