Criticism | The White Tiger – The Indian and less glamorous version of ‘Rotten Rich’

When the movie ‘Poor Rich’ debuted in 2018 and won multiple statues in the 2019 awards season, the film industry turned to this Singapore-centric plot, with a cast made up of Asian descendants. and a story of very wealthy people who have lived luxury lives outside of the United States. However, Jon M. Chu’s film is a romantic comedy, the plot of which puts the already rich and wonderful characters. But … have you ever wondered how they got to this level of fortune? It is in this imprint that the film ‘The White Tiger’ debuts on Netflix.

We met already rich Balram (Adarsh ​​Gourav), an influential entrepreneur from the city of Bangalore, and through his story we learn about his trajectory, how he rose from being a poor boy in a small town in India. to that of reliable. driver of Ashok (Rajkummar Rao), heir to a powerful and dangerous man. How it all happened is that it is the great mystery of “The White Tiger”, which hooks the viewer in the first scene.

Based on the eponymous book by Avarind Adiga, “The White Tiger” is an intense production. The locations, the characterizations, the make-up, the sets: everything we see expresses the dedication of the technical part to making it happen – for example, if you think it’s hard to record a chase scene in Los Angeles, imagine checking in in India, and having to ask to close a street to check in, when you know that the traffic in this country is one of the most chaotic in the world ?! Yes, and this is the very first scene in the feature film, which opens the film showing the degree of difficulty that the technical part of the production had to face to accomplish everything.

The film is great, however, its strength is also its weakness. With the argument of showing the true story of how a poor guy gets rich, Ramin Bahrani’s screenplay goes to great lengths to show the ugly side of its characters, nor to hide that the only ways to get rich are India is crime or politics – as Balram has said many times. This aspect ends up leaving a bitter taste to the spectator, who easily engages with the protagonist at the beginning and sees little by little that life is not so good. That’s because the viewer was created to enjoy happy endings and fairy tales, but real life isn’t quite like that.

“The White Tiger” has a nimble edit, a dancing soundtrack, and great interpretations – with an emphasis on Priyanka Chopra Jonas. It describes the difficulties of caste displacement in India and, as the film itself says, a white tiger is a rare animal, only born to one in each generation. Like his companion “Podres de Rico” (whose Brazilian version omitted the word “Asians” in the title), he demonstrates that the future is Asian and that Asia is much more than China or Japan.

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