Criticism | The Wilds: Wild Lives: in the new series of Amazon Prime Video in the style of Lost

Being a teenager in a world dominated by toxic masculinity is one of the most difficult tasks. Between social demands, unattainable beauty standards and pressures to deliver what we think are the expectations of others within us, this is one of the phases that – naturally – helps define how we see ourselves both in the world. mirror and the world. And Amazon Prime Video’s new original series, The Wilds: Wild Lives, channels all of this dense complexity that surrounds the female youth scene in order to dissect it as a true social experience.

Turning identity crises into opportunities, the production uses common themes of the genre of maturity to explain a much deeper message than expected. In a Lost vibe, the series brings a diverse and hostile group of teenagers on their way to a girls’ retreat, having faced circumstances too painful to be absorbed into the social and family context in which they are inserted. However, the journey loses its course and a plane “crash” leads them to a struggle for survival in the middle of a desert island where hope of rescue is minimal.

Presenting itself in its inaugural episode as a social experiment funded by millionaires, A Lagoa Azul’s fleeting tale is indeed surprising. Already specifying that no one here is subjected to a terrible purgatory where nothing makes sense, The Wilds does what Lost should have done: give substantial depth to the island where the protagonists are located, by making him a character as authentic as the others. It’s too early to scrutinize this premise – since we’ve only been introduced to one season, but Amazon’s original production, developed by Sarah Streicher, is already making its mark by ensuring a narrative you don’t. time to waste.

The Wilds
CR: Matt Klitscher / Amazon Studios

Pressed to tell their story and engage audiences, the series brings an absolutely feminine plot, which explores the evils of adolescence through the eyes of girls who have been – in one way or another – subjugated and , therefore, traumatized. With special circumstances that exploit pains that are not at all juvenile, The Wilds deepens the development of its protagonists and quickly captures our attention, intriguing us to want to know more and more about the struggles that each faced before the when he arrived at the island.

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Betting on a cast of very young and unknown actresses, the Amazon series manages to balance the dramatic background of its protagonists against a context of madness that gives good scenes of tension. With genuinely good performances helping to keep production levels still high, production is a delightful surprise for the end of 2020. Inevitably addressing issues such as social isolation and its consequences on human behavior, The Wilds is electrifying. and able to stop. our attention, because it captivates us with the identifiable and sensitive stories of girls who – long before – were already struggling to try to survive in a rocky jungle.

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