Criticism | The Witch of the House Next Door – TERROR do Telecine has some great effects and an unexpected plot twist

Do you know that the OLX ad, where the boy is doing fine at home and, when he looks sideways, has a weird neighbor looking at him even more bizarre, lifting a cup of coffee? And then a weird woman appears and then a weird dog? Yeah, “The Witch from the House Next Door” is just like that.

Ben (John-Paul Howard) is a young man who has just arrived to spend summer vacation with his father in a coastal town in the interior of the United States. He went there after getting into trouble in his hometown for spying on his neighbors and, as a result, breaking his arm. But Ben is at his father’s house and … watching the neighbors. Only, suddenly, the behavior of the inhabitants of the house begins to change, and the mother of this family (Zarah Mahler) becomes an inexplicable threat.

Starting from a very simple motto – a boy in uncharted territory, who must overcome his past problems in the face of a threat that puts his life in danger – “ The witch of the house next door ” passes most of his time. time with his foot on the brake, trying to hold back the climax that we know is coming. In fact, the film seems to hold the handbrake in almost every aspect: in the protagonist’s little novel, in the appearance of this witch, in the construction of suspense, in the climax, etc. Until halfway through the film, the viewer watches a youth drama, with a boy who has a thorny relationship with his father, goes to parties but doesn’t know what he wants out of life, etc. Where is the terror?

The cast doesn’t build a blanket of doubt for the viewer, but that feeling may be due to the fact that most of the scenes are an unnecessary big belly that doesn’t add to the plot of the feature film. The script by Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce makes it seem like, if it were in the form of a short film, ‘The Witch from the House Next Door’ would do better than with an hour and a half. six of it gained in duration, with unnecessary scenes and continuity issues.

However, all of that spiel is offset to some extent from the end of the second act and the conclusion of the feature film, which is when the clash with “ The Witch from the House Next Door ” unfolds. , with the right to unexpected times and good effects. special. This, in a way, gives the feeling that the movie is still good, despite the slow start, although the viewer is not challenged to be afraid of the Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce film at all times.

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“The Witch of the Neighbor House” is an interesting film, although it does not appear and explains almost nothing of the mystery of this witch. If the spectator manages to overcome nearly an hour of driving, he may be surprised by this option available on Telecine.

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