Criticism | The Wrong Word Story – A good Netflix documentary series… mba!

Unpretentious, Netflix presented its audience with documentary productions combining good humor and information. In different formats – but with the intention of mixing entertainment and knowledge – in the last six months, the Brazilian viewer has been able to discover the series “ Mundo Misterio ”, presented by the youtubeur Felipe Castanhari, and, more recently, the retrospective of the year, titled ‘2020 Never’. Now the “Bad Word Story” series is reaching subscribers.

Divided into six episodes of twenty minutes each, ‘The Story of the Bad Word’ focuses on – as the title suggests – telling the story and origin of some of the most common bad words in the English language. , with a specific cut in the form and meaning frequently used. by speakers from the United States. For that, Bellamie Blackstone’s screenplay follows a very pleasing formula, which to some extent measures humor, history, science, and cinematic credentials. And for this, of course, the producers brought in specialists in several areas of cognition who could explain and illustrate how words evolved over time, until they became what people use today. ‘hui. Among the specialists there are historians, philologists, etymologists, film critics and other linguistic researchers.

To counter the informational part of the series, the production includes the humorous insertion of guest comments, such as actors Sarah Silverman (American Tatá Werneck), Nikki Glaser, and Isiah Whitlock Jr. – the latter, starring in one of the most hilarious moments of the series. But the highlight really comes down to Zainab Johnson, and his completely spontaneous comments that elicit genuine laughs. The funniest episode is, without a doubt, the one who tries to understand the word cock.

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Of course, for such a production it is necessary to have a presenter in line with the series proposal – and for “The Story of Bad Words” the responsibility has been left to meme creator Nicolas Cage. With a goofy and seductive manner that borders on caricature, Nicolas Cage mocks him and finds the right tone to guide such a daring and controversial series.

Using a very dynamic editing – which mixes animation, collage and a very Youtubeuse technique of alternating themes to hold the viewer’s attention – and a playful tone, ‘The History of the Bad Word’ highlights the importance of understanding the origins. of our language and how many terms and jargons that we use until today have or have had a trajectory of transposition of meaning, of alternation of semiotics and / or of transformation of semantics often with the intention of diminishing a group social, and as a marginalization swear words have their origins in the Hollywood industry itself, which has decided to veto entries and establish an indicative scoring table just to control swear words that may or may not be accepted by children and adolescents (as opposed to scenes of sex and violence), and such as rap and hip hop helped popularize these terms.

In a playful and fun tone, “The History of the Bad Word” provides excellent service to society – in addition to being a good tool for those looking to speak the English language better. This leaves us wanting to watch the Brazilian version of the program. Hope Netflix is ​​happy to do so.

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