Criticism | Two Crazy Aunts On Vacation – Big Ass Comedy With A Big Cast

As far as it seems, doing comedy is not easy: it must please, and a lot. But acting is a lot of fun, and some movies, like Apple TV + ‘s debut “Two Crazy Aunts on Vacation,” make it seem like everyone was on vacation, not just working.

Barb (Annie Mumolo) and Star (Kristen Wiig) are two middle-aged women who live together, work together and have no social life. One day, they are surprised by the closure of the store where they work, having to face a dismissal without notice. That same day, they met a colleague who commented on the Vista del Mar hotel in Florida, where he had just spent the vacation of his life, surrounded by big cats, the beach and colorful drinks. With no prospects for the future, Barb and Star decide to embark on a trip to the southern United States, in search of a lot of fun, but what they didn’t know is that in one place, an evil scientist intended to exterminate all the locals and tourists in the area.

Following the line of silly comedy, “Two Crazy Aunts on Vacation” is the type of Sunday afternoon movie that seeks to reach mainstream audiences with easy laughs and absurd situations. The influences of the production are very evident, with situations similar to ‘Ace Ventura 2 – A Madman in Africa’, ‘A Very Crazy Dead’ and ‘Austin Powers’ unlike these other hits,’ “ Two Crazy Aunts on Vacation ” does not create spontaneous laughter situations; the jokes are forced into controversial situations, into cartoonish and unreal characters that assume that two middle-aged women do not know how to have fun and, as a result, fall out of their mouths at the first opportunity that appears, uncontrollably.

Written by the protagonists themselves, Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, the plot is simple and based on eschatological and exaggerated situations, which are quite reminiscent of the first seasons of “Total Dolly”. This is exactly where the viewer can laugh at “ Two Crazy Aunts on Vacation ”: seeing the great cast embarrass others, especially Jamie Dornan, the eternal Christian Gray, as a passionate submissive boy, making a scene musical on the beach where his elbow pain dance ballet spreads everywhere; and Andy Garcia, in a cameo as Tommy Bahamas, a midfielder hero who walks in just to say a slogan.

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Directed by Josh Greenbaum, “Two Crazy Aunts on Vacation” is, oddly enough, an excellent production. The number of extras, locations, art and costume production fill the screen in such a way that it feels like vacationing in Florida, including the superb handpicked soundtrack. Even the aesthetic make-up of the villain draws attention – a sort of Willy Wonka albino with a touch of Mad Hatter. Blue, white and pink tones burst onto the stage, inviting the viewer to embark on this crazy, crazy dream.

“Two Crazy Aunts on Vacation” is a silly beeeem movie, which looks for nothing more than that. Lots of celebrities, we laugh more because they submit to absurd situations than the jokes of the feature film. A film that should be more fun for the cast at the time of recording than for the viewer, when it comes to seeing the end result.

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