Criticism | Victoria and Mystery – Netflix Releases EXCITING Girl-Wolf Friendship Movie

In this end of year break, what most moviegoers want is to watch a quiet movie, which allows you to immerse yourself in a good story without requiring big philosophical reflections. People want to rest and be entertained by an exciting movie. This is how ‘Victoria e Mistério’ ended up standing out among the releases of the month on Netflix and quickly jumped into the Top 10 of the streaming platform.

Victoria (Shanna Keil) is an eight-year-old girl who has just lost her mother, and due to this trauma, she no longer speaks. This is why her father, Stéphane (Vincent Elbaz), in an attempt to breathe new life into his daughter’s life, makes them both move to a house in the French countryside. And, on a walk through the open fields of the local farms, the two end up meeting an old man who helps them find their way home, but also introduces Victoria to a very special little animal from the forest, thus creating a beautiful bond of friendship between the two.

Lasting around an hour and a half, ‘Victoria e Mistério’ presents a very childish story, aimed precisely at reaching this most innocent audience – and, therefore, also seeking to please the whole family. And it’s quite a program to watch sitting on a sofa with the little ones together, as the film does not present complex issues or difficult for children to assimilate.

The screenplay by Mathieu Ouillion, Rémi Sappe and Stéphanie Vasseur is very basic, without major twists and turns everything in a linear fashion, making it easier for your target audience to understand. So, for adults, ‘Victoria e Mistério’ is quite predictable, not much different from what other (many) human-animal friendship films have already brought, with the possible exception of the ending, which brings greater maturity to the theme. it offers good education for children in transition from childhood to adolescence.

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With a ‘Bambi’ start, Denis Imbert’s film takes place in beautiful plains that light up the shot in the scenes, especially those with the Cub (very well trained, although there is an excess of sound direction by inserting a sound that weeps almost every time the little creature appears). From the middle to the end, however, Denis Imbert loses his initial safety and begins to cut out the film itself, causing time jumps in the script that cause the viewer to move away momentarily or abruptly cut scenes, anxious for some resolution to be resolved. proposed challenges. (like when the neighbor shoots a wolf – which in itself is a scene of emotional tension, but one that has been worked on in a very superficial way).

For children between eight and ten years old, ‘Victoria e Mistério’ is an emotional entertainment that features a lovely friendship between a girl and a teddy bear. It is somewhat reminiscent of the imprint of the first Disney films, tackling deeper themes such as death and separation without, however, weighing down the production. ‘Victoria e Mistério’ is a great option to watch with the family this end of the year.

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