Criticism | Voices – Scary weather and fancy jumps on Netflix’s new TERROR

Missing a great horror movie, the kind that leaves you with the flea (or the fly) behind your ear? So stop whatever you’re doing and running and watch Netflix’s ominous new film ‘Voices’.

Daniel (Rodolfo Sancho) and Sara (Belén Fabra) are a couple who usually buy houses in poor condition in Spain and renovate them to sell them for a higher price. That’s why they end up moving with their son, Eric (Lucas Blas), to a huge house that is very degraded and haunted. On the first day, Eric begins to hear evil voices, but his parents ignore him and, little by little, sinister things start to happen in the house, to the point that Dani has to seek help from the specialist in paranormal phenomena. , Germán (Ramón Barea), and his daughter, Sofia (Nerea Barros), to try to keep the hauntings from harassing them.

“Voices” is one of those movies that you can’t talk too much about or spoil. In fact, even the coolest part of the feature cannot be commented on here as it is the very clever explanation of the Ángel Gomez Hernández and Víctor Gado argument.

The plot is all constructed in a very careful way of details, stitching them imperceptibly to the viewer – which, in fact, is the most necessary artifice in a horror and suspense movie, after all, no one wants make it all chew in a movie that’s terrifying, right?

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Santiago Díaz’s script inserts fears well (the first, then, is to make people scream!) And the evolution of the characters works well, leveling them at the same level of knowledge, so that characters and spectators together discover everything that’s happening in this house.

However, not everything is perfect in Ángel Gomez Hernández’s film. The slippage of the direction falls on the third arc of the plot, in the positioning of the camera of certain scenes which take too long; in the very convenient disappearance of the protagonist only to be able to better develop the parallel plot; and in finding and solving the problem, done for free by moving a character and then hijacking the solution that seems to go one way and ends up going the other – an action that contradicts the characters’ intentions.

Not really, however, the movie is damaged, as this slip into the final arc only leads to a new plot twist – this one is really great. This is perhaps one of the best horror movie endings available of 2020 and still offers a post-credit scene that opens the door for a possible new supernatural horror franchise for entertainment – this time produced by the Spaniards. Hopefully, “ Voices ” is a great horror film, which captures and engages the viewer from the first scene, without wasting even a moment of our time, and offers a clever story, full of fright and which still leaves a doubt behind ear….

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