Criticism | Winter in New York – Thrilling Netflix Drama Teaches You Forgiveness and the Power of Welcoming

No restart is easy. Leaving something or someone – or even a whole life – behind is extremely difficult, and it becomes even more complicated if you do it yourself, without the support of people who are ready to help you. This exciting motto is what drives the film “A Winter in New York”, a feature film that warms the hearts of Netflix subscribers.

Clara (Zoe Kazan) ended her life. After suffering repeated physical assault from her husband, Constable Richard (Esben Smed), and after starting to assault her children Jude (Finlay Wojtak-Hissong) and Anthony (Jack Fulton), she decided to run away with her children and go to New York. There, the three go through hardships, without money or accommodation, but everything changes when they meet the kindness of strangers on the street, like restaurant manager Marc (Tahar Rahim), Doctor Alice (Andrea Riseborough), special guy Jeff (Caleb Landry Jones) and lawyer John (Jay Baruchel).

Written and directed by Lone Scherfig, “ A Winter in New York ” invites viewers to immerse themselves in the drama of this family, common to so many others, to reflect on our social role as residents of a city where we can and must do more for others. Thus, the film seeks to show two fundamental points that the argument sees as essential for stories like this to have a happy ending: forgiveness and acceptance. These two points are worked on in a very didactic way in the feature film, whether it is through the “core of forgiveness” – which is literally like AA meetings, where people meet because they have a sense of guilt and must. face it until they learn to forgive themselves – either through the interaction between the characters, which intertwine in order to sew a network of solidarity for the protagonist family, thus showing that they have a network support and welcome is the differential for people who are victims of violence to realize perpetuate your pain and move on.

With a title in Portuguese which implies that it is a novel (but it is not), the production ends up trying to cover many cores, and the result is that the relationships are rather superficial since ‘they accelerate to occur in nearly two hours. . long. The first arc stretches too much with the setbacks the family encounters in New York City, so her interaction with the other characters ends up not going deep – if she had, the drama load on the feature would have been a lot. bigger. It turned out that the involvement of the characters in the situation was quite gratuitous, almost improbable, given that we are talking about cosmopolitan individuals who live in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

“A Winter in New York” has its value, which is to warm the hearts of viewers with the feeling that we can and should help others. An inspiring film, in these difficult times when it is urgent to reach out to strangers.

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