Criticism | Young Kielowski: Fun Romantic Comedy Debuts TODAY on TNT

Young Kielowski debuts this Friday (04), at 10:30 p.m., on TNT

The youthfulness of the skin and its problems resulting from this explosion becomes a surprising dilemma for grown-ups in The Young Kielowski, TNT’s original new romantic comedy. Here, the story of an unexpected pregnancy between two people who barely know each other takes on a much deeper and more authentic air, without bluntness and no frills fictionalized à la Hollywood.

It is not easy to cope with such a transformation when there is no plan in play and this electrifying and almost nauseous roller coaster has been clinically and punctually unraveled by filmmaker Kerem Sanga, who signs the screenplay and takes charge of this indie. Through a perspective of pure independent cinema, he brings a story full of discomfort and uncomfortable confrontations, which make the film an even richer experience, both enjoyable and fun.

Checking out all the intrigue in the mind of Brian Kieslowski (Ryan Malgarini), we get a close look at what’s going on in the mind of a young man – who just days ago was “bragging” about her virginity, when all her plans collapse in the face of pregnancy with a stranger. With things in turmoil, an intense avalanche of serious decisions cross your path. A new normal is born and with it the weight of the choices he will have to carry for the rest of his life.

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Sanga’s narrative choice is one of the most enjoyable aspects of O Jovem Kielowski, who creates his own version of this tale that has been tirelessly explored in theaters. From their most authoritative point of view, we are placed in the position of an omniscient audience, who know a lot more than most of the characters. This privileged view quickly generates instant reflections in the audience. We quickly became attached to even the ignorant factor of the protagonist, who, like anyone in this context, would have their little outbreaks in secret.

And from the mind of Kieslowski, we also know Leslie Mallard (Haley Lu Richardson). A mother in training, she is a young woman with rare social contact and few emotional relationships, who transfers loneliness to pregnancy. And while it isn’t exactly said, all of Sanga’s narrative construction leads us to this perception. And again, the well-put together script allows us to decipher your own characters, without much to say.

And all of this makes the comedy – which brings a dramatic bias very well worked out from start to finish – becomes even more perceptive and enjoyable. Knowing how to use his screen time in an agile and dynamic manner, the production is concise and precise, he is able to go from lightness to drama with dexterity and does not let the audience down. Intense, fun and deeply honest and realistic about the various desires of contemporary youth, Young Kieslowski is not slack and makes such a common theme in theaters, a gem that makes us want to see it again. And even. And even.

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