Curiosities | 11 years of ‘The Origin’, a vaunted science fiction movie directed by Christopher Nolan

Exactly eleven years ago, famous director and screenwriter Christopher Nolan presented one of his most iconic works: the sci-fi action film “Inception”.

With Leonardo DiCaprio, the story centers on Cobb, an intelligent man with the unique ability to enter people’s minds and steal precious secrets from the subconscious while he is asleep. As if that wasn’t enough, Cobb is also a fugitive, unable to return to the United States due to the death of Mal (Marion Cotillard), his ex-wife. Desperate to see his children again, Cobb accepts the daring mission proposed by Saito (Ken Watanabe), a Japanese businessman: to get into the mind of Richard Fischer (Cillian Murphy), the heir to an economic empire, and plant the idea of ​​dismembering it. To accomplish this feat, he relies on the help of his partner Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), inexperienced dream architect Ariadne (Elliot Page) and Eames (Tom Hardy), who manages to accurately disguise himself in the dream world. .

Receiving rave reviews, which praised the screenplay, directing, themes depicted, actor performances and visual effects, the production was also a huge box office success, grossing over 830 million dollars worldwide and winning four Oscar statuettes – in addition to being nominated for Best Picture.

To celebrate your birthday, CinePOP has separated a short list with some behind-the-scenes anecdotes, which you can check out below:

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nolan explained that he based the characters of “Inception” on roles admitted in a film production. That way, Cobb would be the director, Arthur would play the role of a producer, Ariadne would be a production designer, Eames would be chosen, Saito would be the studio, and Fischer would be the audience. “Trying to write a team creative process, I wrote one that I know,” he commented. To avoid confusion, television operators in Japan have included text in the upper left corner of the screen to remind viewers at what level of the subconscious the scenes took place.

Despite the many footage with visual effects, most of it (including the Penrose Stairs, the Revolving Corridor, and the Avalanche) were created using hands-on methods, without the use of CGI. DiCaprio was the only choice to play protagonist Cobb, both by Nolan and producer Emma Thomas. During filming, details of the story were kept under wraps. Nolan cryptically described the project as a contemporary sci-fi action thriller, “set in the architecture of the mind.”

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If we take the first letters of the main characters, Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal and Saito, we have the formation of the word Dreams (dreams, in Portuguese translation). If we add Peter, Ariadne and Yusuf, the full sentence forms Dreams Pay, alluding to what the team is doing to steal the secrets of the subconscious. Kate Winslet was considered for the role of Mal, but turned it down, explaining that she couldn’t see herself as the character. Ultimately, the character was played by Oscar-winning actress Marion Cottilard. It was Nolan’s first film since his directorial debut, ‘Next’ (1998), to be completely original. All productions from this period were remakes or works based on comics, novels or short stories.

At the time of its release, ‘Inception’ grossed $ 836.8 million worldwide, making it the fourth most financially successful film of 2010. Reaching the Top 50 box office of all time in 2015, it is now in 79th place, behind ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ahead of ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’. The University of London, where Nolan studied, was used as the location for several sequences, including the moment when Miles introduces Cobb to Ariadne. It has also been used in other directorial films including “Batman Begins” and “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”.

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