Curiosities | 26 years of ‘Stardust – The mystery of the star’

‘Stardust – The Mystery of the Star’ continues, to this day, as one of the fantasy setting’s most beloved productions. Based on the eponymous novel by legendary Neil Gaiman, Matthew Vaughn’s cinematic tale has enchanted viewers around the world as he takes us to the magical world of Stormhold.

Starring Claire Danes, Charlie Cox and Michelle Pfeiffer, the story centers on Tristan, a goofy young man who crosses paths with a shooting star named Yvaine, has garnered widespread critical acclaim and won numerous awards. , including a Hugo. Award and a GLAAD Award.

To celebrate its 26th anniversary, CinePOP has separated a list with several behind-the-scenes curiosities, which you can check out below:

All of the princes’ clothes are constructed according to a pattern that spells out their lineage numbers in Roman numerals, made up of smaller numbers following the Arabic pattern. Additionally, Septimus (Mark Strong) wears a robe with the number seven on each button. Vaughn had enormous difficulty shooting scenes at the inn where Lamia (Pfeiffer) intercepts Yvaine (Danes), Tristan (Cox) and Primus (Jason Flemyng). There were a few days when more than one actor was available for filming. He used multiple surrogates in close frames to make it seem like everyone was there.

Pfeiffer was Vaughn’s first and only choice for the role of Lamia the Witch Queen. He’s been a fan of the actress ever since he saw her star in “Grease 2: The Times of Brilliance Are Back”. The glass knife used by Lamia, similar to a scimitar, was originally created by Vaughn for the mutant Magneto (Ian McKellen) in ‘X-Men: The Final Showdown’. However, the object was never used. Cox suffered a minor injury while filming the battle against the witches climatic footage, when a huge vase fell on him and knocked him unconscious.

When Vaughn pitched the idea for the feature film to executives at Paramount Pictures, the studio wanted a more famous name, like Orlando Bloom or Ben Barnes, to play Tristan. It wasn’t until Vaughn picked Robert De Niro, Pfeiffer, and Danes that Paramount agreed to hand over the role to Cox. The three witches are named after demonic creatures from Greek mythology. Lamia and Mormo are demons who feed on children (the latter being the former lover of Zeus, the father of the gods); Empusa, in turn, was a creature sent by the goddess Hecate to devour travelers. Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Alba were offered to play Yvaine. All declined and the role went to Danes, who won several accolades for his performance.

At the end, when Una (Kate Magowan) tells Tristan that he is the last living heir of the Stormhold turn, the spirits of the dead brothers float and vanish. However, one of them, turning into a red dot, floats downward – presumably Septimus, since he was the meanest and most impetuous of the brothers. The special effects of ‘Stardust’ are absolutely amazing – but most of the footage didn’t need any processing, as it was shot in authentic medieval towns, including the Highlands and the Isle of Skye in Scotland. , as well as Icelandic and historic areas. Elm Hill in England.

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