Curiosities | Acclaimed film ‘Seven Minutes After Midnight’ starring Liam Neeson and Sigourney Weaver turns 5!

Sometimes the hidden gems of the film industry are far off our radar due to countless blockbusters – and that was the case with “Seven Minutes After Midnight,” one of the movie gems of the past decade.

Officially released on January 1, 2017 – and having premiered at the Toronto Film Festival the year before – the story is a gripping and moving tale of resilience and love that revolves around Conor (Lewis McDougall), a young boy who discovers that his mother (Felicity Jones) has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and receives a visit from a gigantic anthropomorphic monster (Liam Neeson) who will tell him three different stories.

Praised by specialist critics, the feature was applauded for its powerful script and screen themes, for the directing by JA Bayona and for the visual effects – in addition to commenting on the performances of the lead actors. However, the work only grossed $ 47 million at the global box office (compared to a budget of $ 43 million).

To celebrate its fifth anniversary and give a little more space to a production that deserves to be appreciated, CinePOP has put together a short list with some behind-the-scenes curiosities.

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04674-joseharo.NEF The original novel was originally written by Siobhan Dowd. However, Dowd died before he was finished with it, which is why author Patrick Ness finished the story and insisted on crediting his idea. Tom Holland, who collaborated with Bayona on the famous “The Impossible”, replaced the monster during filming. He received special thanks during the credits.

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Ness, who was also responsible for the script, revealed in an interview that one of the photos of the young grandmother is actually a promotional photo of Sigourney Weaver for ‘The Ghostbusters’, from 1984. It was the seventh project. in which Neeson voiced a character in CGI. The first three were Aslan in the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ franchise; the fourth was like Fujimoto in the English version of “Ponyo: A Friendship That Came from the Sea”; the fifth was like Phango in ‘Khumba’; and the sixth was Cop Good / Cop Evil in ‘Uma Aventura Lego’.

Nesson, who plays Monster in the feature film, appears as Conor’s grandfather in one of the photos in which the protagonist’s young mother is on his lap. The yew, which appears in the apothecary’s account, is characterized as a plant that can cure almost any disease in the world. In fact, much of the tree is toxic to humans and other mammals – but the toxicity of its substances is used in some chemotherapy drugs.

Weaver plays a British character in the feature film – and, contrary to what you might imagine, faking an English accent wasn’t difficult at all; after all, the actress’ mother was from England. The film follows the events of the book with absurd precision, making little difference. However, additional scenes were shot exclusively for the adaptation, including one set shortly after the original novel ended.

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