Curiosities | ‘Forget Me 2’, the sequel with Macaulay Culkin, turns 29!

Macaulay Culkin immortalized Kevin McCallister with the debut of the classic “They Forgot Me” in 1990 – and of course, the success was soon to follow.

Two years later, “They Forgot Me 2 – Lost in New York”, released in American theaters with a plot very similar to the first film, but which now takes place in New York, as the title suggests. Marking the return of names like Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern and Catherine O’Hara, the story follows Kevin, who loses his father at the airport and takes a plane to New York, while his whole family travels to Florida. Now, alone in the big city, the boy finds a way to stay at the Plaza Hotel and starts playing his antics. But when Kevin discovers the plot of two thugs to rob a toy store on Christmas Eve, he tries to stop the heist.

Despite mixed reviews, the performances of both the main and supporting cast were praised by pundits – and the feature became the 3rd grossing of the year, grossing $ 359 million at the global box office.

To celebrate 29 years of work, we’ve put together a short list with some behind-the-scenes anecdotes, which you can see below:

Culkin was awarded $ 4.5 million to reprise his role in the sequel – the highest salary for an eleven-year-old actor at the time. The footage for “Attack of the Pigeons” was filmed on March 25, 1992. According to Pesci, the production covered him and Stern with real birdseed and around three hundred pigeons.

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After a certain streak, Culkin asked Pesci why he never smiles. Pesci told him to shut up. At the time, Pesci commented: “He’s been spoiled a lot by a lot of people, but not by me – and I think he likes it”. All of the extra kids on the toy store scene were able to bring home their favorite toys as part of their paycheck. While it didn’t work and was created specifically as a prop, Culkin was able to keep Talkboy. Director Chris Columbus recalls that the production spent a lot of money creating artificial snow for Central Park – and soon after, New York was hit by a severe blizzard.

O’Hara was concerned that his character, Kate, might not put in enough effort to find Kevin. For this, additional scenes were added to the film. O’Hara commented that he was practicing his “sadness and guilt” face at home. Entertainment Weekly hired a real doctor to analyze the real effects of the injuries suffered by Harry (Pesci) and Marv (Stern). According to the expert, bricks falling on Marv’s head would have caused “brain damage at best; at worst, death ”. The pool scene was shot at the Four Seasons in Chicago because the Plaza Hotel did not have one.

The hotelier Kevin made the reservation with, posing as his father, was played by Chris Columbus’ wife, Monica Devereux-Columbus. In several interviews, Columbus has stated that he considers Home Alone 2 much better than the original film.

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