‘Cursed Cemetery’: Paramount + develops new film in franchise

According to Deadline, a new film in the “ Cursed Cemetery ” franchise is in development and production will launch directly on the Paramount + streaming service.

Details on the project have not been released, but the new feature is described as an “origin story.”

It should be remembered that recently Paramount + also confirmed that the next film in the franchise “ Paranormal Activity ” will debut exclusively on its platform.

Released in 2019, the remake has divided the opinion of critics, winning just 58% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite this, the new version performed well at the box office, grossing $ 113.1 million worldwide, on a budget of just $ 21 million.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura had revealed that there was a chance that the remake would win a pre-sequence.

“I usually don’t like to think about possible sequels until the film is a success. I believe if there is potential for something … it’s a prequel. If you think about the book, we haven’t covered all of the things that happen before the Creed family moved. “

He continues, “So I think there’s a movie going on around this time, and I’d be particularly interested in doing it. It relates to the source material and it’s a story that’s also insane, and it has a lot of sentiment in it.

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